Update: Roll A  was discovered to be the White Cloud Green Earth! See you cannot even tell so give the recycled toilet paper a chance!
My journey with White Cloud continues and my “version” of the sit com, The Office, gets better! The group was shocked to learn that they were wrong about the paper towel but there opinion of recycled paper products and White Cloud…boosted! That is a plus after they recovered from the shock and bruised egos (just joking). Two rolls of toilet paper arrived labeled A and B and to have fun with this we posted signs in the bathroom stalls and asked those using the restroom to leave comments about the toilet paper switch…could they tell if they were wiping their bottom with White Cloud regular bath tissue or White Cloud Green Earth.


Stall A
“For sure A because it is more durable.”
“Roll A is recycled because it is single ply and has a less resistant weave. The coloration is off white and not natural.”
“By the looks roll A is recycled.”

 Stall B
“Roll A is more absorbent”
“Softer and more cushy for the tushy.”
“Roll B is not as absorbent.”
“Roll B is recycled because it is not as ‘tuff’ as the other stuff.”
“Ouch, I have a paper cut!”

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I could tell we were definitely as technical with this test and though we had one office employee declare…
“I don’t know I’m a failure” because they could not figure out the paper towel – I feel as though we cannot tell the difference between White Cloud regular toilet paper and White Cloud Green Earth.

You Try

Take the challenge and see if you can tell the difference download a free 4-pack of Green Earth bath tissue coupon when you purchase a 12 or 24 pack of White Cloud regular bath tissue on MyWhiteCloud.com.  After your family or office has tried the regular White Cloud bath tissue try secretly switching to Green Earth and see if their family notices!  Share your Secret Switch story online (and be entered to win 1 of 10 $500 Walmart gift cards!  A GREAT prize!  The contest ends on 1/31/2010 so there isn’t much time left.

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