Me. I love cookies but I’m not very good at baking them. When I do bake them I use all of the bad for you ingredients that taste really good but go right to your hips. Now I can just buy Goji, eat my cookies and not worry about baking because with Goji Gourmet I get a low-sugar, low calorie nutrient-packed treat. Sounds too good to be true, I know. When the variety packs arrived and read superfoods, preservative-free, ginger, oats, honey, all natural…I raised my eyebrows doubtful my kids would devour the cookies. After all my kids are usually pretty picky about dried berries being in their cookies but the Goji berries with their slightly tangy taste were eaten right up.

The kids loved the cookies! Surprisingly the Goiji Orange MintChip was the popular choice but the Goji Cherry Cacao came in second. When the kids gave the cookies thumbs up and asked to try more, I knew I had to tell you about this company. With back to school season around the corner it is nice to know there are small, energizing, natural and healthy cookies you can pack in your child’s eco-friendly lunch. The cost is reasonable with a large bag being under $6.00!

Mom Feel Good Factor:

♥Feel good when you sneak the low-calorie cookie (150-220 calories) as you pack their lunch. It won’t ruin your diet!

♥The kids will eat a cookie but you’ll know it was packed with amino acids, more beta-carotene than a carrot, no refined sugar, loaded with vitamins A, C and B-complex!

♥You won’t break the bank and can order online or find a store near you.

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