Healthy TreatsMy family loves ice cream and sorbet, anything cold and tasty I suppose. Except I’m sort of picky about what they actually eat or at least when I’m in charge! A few weeks ago we were provided with a sample pack of Whole Fruit Sorbets and my family squealed in delight when they saw what had arrived. My son insisted on trying the lemon, my husband claimed the strawberry and my daughter she seemed impartial and I was right there with her, willing to give them all a go. After all to have an honest and fair review I needed to have an open mind, right?

After a healthy dinner we all scurried to the freezer, whipped out the spoons and started sampling and let me tell you this naturally fat free treat is just that a treat! Your taste buds will thank you! There were very large chunks of real fruit in almost every bite and the strawberry, well it was very strawberry! My husband swears it’s the best he has ever, ever had!

Of course, it’s a treat but at least it’s a low calorie and fat free treat with real fruit! Yes, please! See what my family had to say about the Whole Fruit Sorbets in my video review:

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