Why you should start video blogging.

Vlogging is fun and you might notice I’m doing more of it. I’m enjoying it because it even though I’ve had my YouTube channel for years and I’ve done video reviews I haven’t really harnessed the power of vlogging until now. My channel name is terrible because I created it so long ago and had no idea what I would do with it so I used, “sommerswan” because that was my old email username and I could remember it. I obviously had no clue that I’d be building a brand and that wouldn’t coincide with my business name or brand – what did I know? I’ll actually have to make a video to explain the “swan” portion because it is a hilarious story.  Anyhow over the years I’ve just watched others use it successful and envied them, wondering how they could be so comfortable in front of the camera.

NOW I am learning, improving and finding new ways to share my ideas. I’m slowly becoming more comfortable in front of the camera and not having to do a thousand takes for a 2 minute video, I’ve cut it down to 200! I watch my older videos and cringe but what’s great about this is I’m seeing improvement and personal growth.

In fact, I’m speaking at Women in Video next month. I must be doing something right!  Admittedly, I’m nervous because the panel includes these amazing women I look up to: @MamaMaryShow @MommyNaniBooboo @MomsLA @MomPulse

Why I Use YouTube and Why You Should Video Blog

If you’re not sure if YouTube is the platform for you or why you should video blog let me explain why I choose this platform over others and what it could do for you. YouTube has 800 million unique users each month and 4 billion videos are viewed each day. Of course I want a sliver of that pie, don’t you? This is why you should video blog, for a slice of the pie but also because it is a fun and can help you reach a new audience that might not find you otherwise.

To make the most of this platform I am working to optimize my channel to work for me by adding a link to this site in each description of a video I publish. Not only is this a powerful back-link but I’ve also noticed I am seeing more traffic come from YouTube so I know it is working. What blogger doesn’t strive for more traffic? Another reason why you should consider vlogging, it can help with your traffic and grow your online community. In a future post and video I’ll provide you with pointers on optimizing your channel and videos to grow your traffic and make more money.

Yes money! YouTube  allows me to monetize my videos as a YouTube partner and though I’m not getting rich off this (yet) each dollar or penny counts. If you’re a blogger interested in monetizing your content vlogging could be an additional source of income. Like I said, I’m not getting rich but I see the potential if I work hard at it.

Subscribe Please

Yes, I’m going to ask you kindly to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’d love for you to comment on the videos tell me what you like and if you have any tips or advice for me please share. I’ll be adding a new video each week, if not more and hopefully you’ll enjoy the content.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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  1. Can’t wait to be on the panel with you! I’m fairly new to vlogging too… it just happened to be a good fit for me – turns out, I love it. 🙂

  2. I enjoy vlogging to but I think it has taken getting used to and becoming comfortable with seeing myself on camera and not being a terrible critic! See you soon in California and I hope it is nice there. It is freezing in Michigan!


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