Each summer for the last 10 years I would have a yard sale or garage sale. Living near a busy road, I’ve always done very well with my sales. I would advertise, clean the items, have them displayed nicely and even sell lemonade or offer free ice water. On average I would make a few hundred dollars.

Now that I’ve had success selling with eBay I’ve decided to forgo this year’s garage sale and here’s why:

Less time consuming. It takes me 3 minutes tops to list an item on eBay with their mobile application. I have the item already boxed and ready to roll so that if it sells, I click, print and schedule a postage pick-up. Shipping is very easy with eBay once you figure it out! In total I’ve probably spent 6 or 7 minutes.  Garage sales take me hours to organize, sort, price, and advertise and then an entire day of sitting in my garage bartering with people. Time is money!

More control. At a garage sale items are listed so low and then everyone tries to pay less than the price marked, I lose money and have less control over the cost.  With eBay I can set a reserved price and control the auction beginning price. I often make more than I expect on an eBay item but not when I have a garage sale! I just want the stuff gone because I need my garage or yard back!

In the last 60 days I have listed 8 items, sold 8 items and made $358.04. I’ve spent $15.59 in eBay listing fees –which is less than I would spend on advertising my garage sale. Even with shipping costs and supplies my profit and time spent exceeds what I would make if you added up the hours spent preparing for the garage sale and working the garage sale! I’ll stick with eBay!

Disclosure: I am an eBay parent panel member and I am compensated for my time. Opinions expressed here are mine and based on my own experience.

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