Jerome, Arizona for good eats, history, wine and views that are amazing – a true old western town

Two years ago, my sister and I took a trip to Arizona and there is one town I can’t wait to visit again. Jerome, Arizona. Let me describe for you the experience and why it’s a town worth visiting.

Why You Should Visit Jerome, Arizona

Driving up the winding slopes of Cleopatra Hill, in the Black Hill of Yavapai County, Arizona you feel as though you are entering a ghost town. And you are.  Jerome sits 5,000 feet above sea level and when you visit, you learn about town’s underground fire and shifting surface the slide the jail 225 feet from its original site. You learn about a town of wealth from mining that was the 5th largest city in Arizona with a 1950’s undefeated High School Football team to now no school and less than 500 residents. A true old western town that with many old structures still standing, including “Prostitution Row”.  Stories of alleged wandering spirits throughout the Mile High Inn and the town’s Community Center can make the hair on your arms stand straight.

A True Old Western Town – Jerome, Arizona

Anyone growing up watching Western movies needs to visit Jerome. You feel like you are on the set of a movie but also as though someone might be standing there next to you – it gives you chills. There is nothing like standing on-top hill formed billions of years ago to overlook the Verde Valley of Arizona, with historical structures standing behind you, holding tales to be told of the old western days.

Check out more details and where to stay from the Jerome Chamber of Commerce. When we visited we stayed at a Bluegreen Resort in Peoria, Arizona and loved the accommodations and city.

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