It’s hard to believe 2014 is here. My husband and I had our first kiss ringing in 2001. Hard to believe that all of these years later we have two beautiful children! Last night we hosted a get together and as I was setting up it dawned on me that over the last 10 years in our home I’ve hosted multiple parties and gatherings. I have it down to a science of what needs to go where and how everything should flow. I’ve never really shared my party planning ideas, tips or photos with anyone. I guess I figured nobody would care but everyone tells me I have a knack for it. So why not share some of my past party themes and ideas to inspire your party planning?

chocolate factory party

First let me share with you one of my favorite party themes that I did for my little guys birthday. A Willy Wonka birthday party with a chocolate fountain and candy galore!

Willy Wonka Birthday Party Theme #partyplanningTo make the party a complete success we had everything you could imagine ready to dip into the milk chocolate fountain. This included marshmallows, pretzel sticks, pineapple, bananas and strawberries. I’m all about trying to save money on birthday parties because I like my guests to go home with full bellies and food is not cheap. This is why I often will make my own banners, invitations, coloring sheets and goody bags. You can, however, search on Etsy and find amazing and unique invitations, party decorations and just about everything related to a Willy Wonka themed party.

I’m often asked about the chocolate fountain but to be honest, we borrowed it. I really need to buy one because they’re affordable on Amazon. We did get all of the chocolate and supplies from Amazon, which made life a cinch. You could use a fondue pot but it doesn’t have the same visual impact, the kids were all excited about the chocolate fountain.

After you give the kids so much sugar and candy it is always a good idea to have a plan to help them burn off all that sugar energy. Luckily, myParachute games and fun for #birthday parties! #partyplanning son’s birthday is in May and the weather is usually nice. To help the kids have fun and stick with the colorful Willy Wonka party theme we had some parachute fun! We chose the 12 foot parachute and had a blast playing a variety of parachute games such as popcorn, making waves and shark.

Goody bags are often something that I do but with this party theme being all about candy and sweets I had the kids decorate their own paper bags with stickers and markers. To end the party we had a candy scavenger hunt in Willy Wonka #party theme with DIY goody bags and a candy hunt! #partyplanningour backyard. This is similar to an egg hunt but our two acre field was instead filled with a variety of candy. The kids started at the top of our hill and raced down to the bottom of the field and searched for candy. Whatever they found they kept! Let’s just say they were exhausted from the running and searching but everyone filled their decorated bags and went home happy!

One of my other all-time favorite party themes was for my son’s 8th birthday and it was a camping theme! I’ll share more about that next with pictures, tips and more! And my sister is getting married and next month is her shower and the theme is “Love is Sweet”. I can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve planned for that party!

Hopefully this will help inspire you to plan some fun parties in 2014 and celebrate! You can also follow me on Pinterest for other fun ideas.

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