I’m officially down 22 pounds. I can hardly believe it. The inches have just melted off and I’m convinced it’s partially because I’m using Cinch® to help me stay full and lose inches not muscle. I’ve written about my weight loss journey and struggle and believe me I get what it feels like to not button the jeans. I’m on a path to lose more inches and have a healthy BMI and now I want to inspire others.

Inspire YOU.

We all have something that inspires us to lose weight. Maybe it’s those skinny jeans {I’m raising my hand}, a healthier BMI, a class reunion, being able to run with your kids and not gasp for air or a dream of running in a marathon. Whatever it is we all have a #cinchspiration – what’s yours?

Join us for this fun Twitter party on January 12, 2012 from 9pm-10pm EST

We will talk weight loss struggles, answer questions about the program, share success stories, testimonials, yo-yo dieting and motivation and #cinchspiration!

1. Follow @greenmom and @shakleehq on Twitter so you can tweet with us and we can answer your questions and see what you’re saying and reply.
2. Use the hashtag #cinchspiration after each tweet for us to keep track of the conversation.
3. Try using this Tweet Grid Link that was created to make the party easier to follow.
4. RSVP by just leaving a comment with your Twitter URL and then join us at the Twitter party! If you are a Shaklee Distributor you may not promote yourself at the party or when leaving a comment.

Current distributors, members and Shaklee employees are not eligible to win but may join the party. All leads and sales generated from this promotion are allocated to the field.

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Win a Cinch® Starter Kit

*psst – you can also enter to win over here on Facebook>>> ow.ly/8jyUT

One lucky winner will receive The Cinch Starter Kit that includes ($228.00 Retail Value):

Vanilla shake mix canister (15 servings)
Assorted Cinch shake packets (14 packets)
3-in-1 boost™ (42 count)
Assortment pack snack bars (10 count)
Energy tea mix (28 sticks)
Daily journals (2)
Cinch program guide
Cinch logo shaker cup
Cinch pedometer
Cinch tape measure
And don’t forget that losing an inch ought to involve laughing it off.

My Cinch Plan At-A-Glance

You get two meals in a delish shake, a yummy bar to treat yourself, and extraordinary tea for natural energy when you need it. Healthy, cinch-to-fix menus and serving guides give you more to sink your teeth into. And with each meal, you take a three-in-one boost with ingredients that help kick up metabolism,* retain normal blood sugar levels,* and supply nutrients.

If you’re pregnant, nursing or diabetic, ask a health professional. Not recommended for use by children.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: I am a Shaklee Distributor but I am not building my business or recruiting. I work full-time as a consultant for the Shaklee Corporation. They did not ask me to review Cinch or to try Cinch as part of my job. These are my words, my opinions and my very own experience.