Your out with the kids, it’s hot and your thirsty. What do you do…buy a bottle of water. The price tag yearly, according to the New York Times, $1,400 green smackaroos! That alone makes me want to think twice before I leave my CamelBak water bottle at home. It seems so easy to just grab that bottle of prepackaged water but have you really thought of how very opposite of green you are being? I’m far from being perfect and if it came down to dying of thirst and buying a bottle of water I know my choice, but really people…were just being lazy…not dying! Most of the damage to the environment happens before we even open up that purchased water bottle. Think about the energy use to make the bottles, the paper that wraps around the bottles, the shipping and other transportation to get the bottles to the store and the coolers to keep our water nice and cold for us. Where does it all go? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I just recently took a big trip to a city and I saw my fair share of these bottles on the streets or in garbage cans.

Let me again, raise my very imperfect hand say I too have a fear of drinking tap water. While at dinner in the city they offered tap or bottle and I said bottle. My husband kicked me under the table and I changed to tap. What is my fear? What is your fear? Is the tap water in our country dangerous? This reminds me of when I had my first child, the rage was to use expensive bottled water for the baby bottles (yes, I used a bottle not the breast but that is another medical post). I asked my doctor about this when I saw a mom use the tap. The doctor said, I had no worries because we didn’t live in a third world country and if I can drink it, he can drink it. Save myself some money! Cha Ching….AND THE ENVIRONMENT! So why do so many people still buy water bottles and contribute to filling our landfills with over 144 billion wasted containers each year (this was in 2005 and by wasted I mean not recycled). Not good, not good at all. From 2002 to 2005 water bottle sales doubled, according to the Container Recycling Institute=.
Hmmm…so what do you think they’ve done by now? Is it so “uncool” to be drinking tap water or do we think we will die of some disease? I just read on the Carbon Conscious Consumer blog , 40% of the bottled water we buy is just good old fashion tap water! I think I have been duped, what about you? So moms out there who run into get that bottle of water because you’re just dying of thirst or the little one is pulling at your pants and can’t wait one more minute…think ahead and bring a CamelBak water bottle. That’s what I’m swearing by now. “Why Camelback, Green and Clean Mom?” No I am not being paid to tell you this! It’s because they’re a company that cares and they have a new water bottle that is BPA free. I’m going to be trying out some BPA Free sippy cups here in the near future for the kids because there really is danger involved and a risk. Like I posted yesterday, why buy hormone free milk and then use a plastic cup leaking BPA?

Let me help in some way bring drinking out of a reusable water bottle back to “cool” status by giving away two CamelBak BPA water bottles with the classic cap. For those of you that don’t know, CamelBak is the water bottle system to use because you can use a back pack to stay hydrated while running, skiing, hiking, etc. It’s really a sweet system. Law enforcement, government and military use the CamelBak system. Now, us moms on the green and clean scene might need to stay hydrated but with all the bags I carry and baby stuff, just a nice large water bottle will do. If I need an accessory like an insulated cover or a different top I have my choices. I’m staying hydrated, not wasting money, using a bottle that is BPA FREE, very wallet friendly, helping the environment by not supporting bottled water and looking like a sassy green mom, what could be better?

Wanna tote one of these sporting cool bottles and be sassy and green (you should win for reading this long post)? Not a problem… I want to give you lots of chances to win!

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