The Soft Landing Logo + Products 3-12-08

Alicia, over at The Soft Landing (the blog that all green moms have to subscribe to) is giving away two BPA FREE eating sets! One set for the little tyke who is just starting to eat solids and another set for the pro. She’s given you lots of ways to enter and you can pick which set you would love to win. Personally, either would be great. I’m putting together a bucket of all organic, natural, BPA free items for my sister’s baby shower and this would go perfect in her “reusable” bucket. I’ll be sure to list all of the items I’m including and take a photo for you. I’m very excited about this shower gift because it’s the perfect way to help my not so green and clean sister become a green and clean mom!

So cruise on over and try winning one of those eating sets and check out all of the other informative and fun stuff Alicia blogs about. Oh, and if you haven’t tried to win a CamelBak, BPA FREE water bottle with me then do so now!!! Contests for BPA free stuff, it couldn’t get any better OR could it??? Check back because I have a huge green cleaning giveaway in honor of Earth Day but to also stop you and your family from breathing in nasty toxins!

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