Do you have a Big Green Purse?  Big purses are all the rave, so I hear. I feel like I’m carrying a diaper bag if my purse is too big but that’s me.  What I mean is do you have a copy of the book, Big Green Purse by Diane MacEachern?  If not, I’m giving a copy away but first let me tell you all about why you would want a copy of this book.

Diane, so wonderfully illustrates how women are influential. Women spend $.85 for every dollar spent and that means when we make a purchase we have a lot of power. I just look at my grandmother. She made all the decisions for the homes they bought, cars, groceries, furniture, clothing, etc. That’s a lot of buying power and she’s just one woman. Add all of us women up and we can sway marketing and tell big companies that we want more organic products or won’t stand for BPA in our baby bottles.  Big Green Purse is “big” but it has details on why you want to shift your spending and how you can do just that.  Details on the environmental impact products have on animals, humans and global warming.  Product suggestions, where to begin tips, how to’s and moreover examples on ways to use that Big Green Purse.  Just stop and think of what it would mean if every mom would stop buying BPA sippy cups or baby bottles. Would there be any other option but for companies to stop using the chemical?  Even if half the women did this, it sends a message.  I’ve said over and over, our purchases equal our votes. So when we vote for organic milk we tell the grocery store something, the companies and impact marketing trends.  Women have spending power, bottom line. Diane, has a rocking website that made my top 100 list but she’s also smart, sassy and her book says it all. So try winning one and if you don’t win, buy one! You won’t regret it!

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