Green & Clean Mom 101

Contest has Ended!

Play along, okay.

Class, who wants to win a Green School Kit from The Green Office? Raise your hand and no shouting. Okay, okay, I see there are lots of eco-lovin’ readers out there. So pay attention class, this is your assignment and I will give no extra credit. I’m usually nice but today I want to make sure you have been paying attention over the last few months.


Answer questions 1-3 with the correct answers, via the form below and you will be registered to win. You have to have 100% to be entered. No if and or butts, it’s only fair.

Question 1: What was the very first giveaway that Green & Clean Mom did in honor of her launch?

Question 2: Who is my husband, “Green & Clean Dad”, having an affair with?

Sort of a trick question because he really is not technically having an affair.

Question 3: What do I drink out of a box? Prove it by showing me the link.

When you have completed your assignment I will need you to fill out the form below with the answers. Remember you have to be 100% correct which means you either have a great memory or you went through my archives. All correct answers will randomly be entered to win a Green School Kit, of their choice (excluding the teacher kit) from The Green Office.

The deadline to hand in your assignment will be August 19, 2008.  I will accept no late assignments.

Class dismissed.

Thanks for playing, I always loved playing school.

The winner is Patti from She answered all three of the questions correctly. 1. Zappos 2. Little Debbie 3. Boxed Wine

What do you have to lose?

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