I have to admit that on a Friday or Saturday night I occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine. I was at a bonfire this 4th of July weekend and was offered a glass of wine; the wine was fabulous so I inquired about it. I found out the wine was from Wines for Humanity, now I will enjoy that occasional glass of wine even more.

Wines for Humanity conducts in-home wine tastings. The wine advisor discuss how to taste wine, how to pair wine with food, and how wine can be an integral part of a meaningful life. The best part of sampling and purchasing the wine is that $2.00 of the cost of each bottle goes directly to local charities that work on the prevention of homelessness in families with children.

How it Works:

Invite up to 16 friends to your house and the wine advisors comes to your location with the glasses and the knowledge- all for a nominal charge of $59. The fee includes 7 bottles of wine, tax, shipping, and handling; the wine is delivered to you before the tasting event. If anyone at your party wishes to purchase any of the wine $2.00 of the proceeds go to the prevention of homelessness in families with children. The host of the party receives a discount on wine that is proportional to how much wine the other guests select. The discount can be applied to a wine selection or go directly the local charity, as a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

If you aren’t interested in hosting a party you can go directly to their website and purchase a bottle for yourself; or others. Wine always makes a great house warming gift, thank you present, or gift to bring to your next dinner party.

Wines for Humanity is proud to report that as of June 1st, 2010, they have helped raise over $122,000 for the prevention of homelessness in families with children as well as over $338,000 for other charities for a total of over $460,000!!! Thank you for your generosity!

Enjoy a glass of wine (or two) guilt free.

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