The lilacs are in bloom, sunflowers are smiling and the red robin at my window chirps happily each morning.

Not for long.

Soon a blanket of snow will cover the ground. I will trade flip flops for snow boots and our towel rack for a mitten tree. The air conditioner will collect dust and the wood pile will dwindle.  Mornings will be dark and evenings darker.  The hours of walking outdoors enjoying the sun shine and my shoes hitting the hot pavement will soon be gone.

The winter months aren’t my favorite, can you tell?

First we’ll have autumn and I do enjoy the mums, the pumpkin carving, cool evenings and Friday night lights. The back to school routines and freshly sharpened pencils bring back some fond memories. For me fall means winter is creeping in on us and I’m already preparing.

Yes, I like to prepare but for a good reason!

I have been successful with my weight loss, in part because I’ve worked so hard to make walking a part of my physical activity and calorie burning. I’ve come to enjoy this time to myself and I fear that this will end when the blanket of cold fairy dust falls upon us.

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I need a good treadmill, something to help me with my indoor exercise. Something I’ll look forward to and enjoy.

Help! Give me your suggestions please!

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