winter has arrived

My not so favorite season is here. I recently wrote about all the things I love about fall and I’m racking my brain to think of what it is I like about winter. I could list all of things I dislike. I dislike having to scrap my windows or waking up in the morning and sitting on a chilly toilet seat. (That’s the worst, admit it!) I am not a fan of the icy roads, low visibility and white knuckle driving.  The long days and dark afternoons/evenings make me blue.

Enough complaining! There has to be something I like about winter, right? (Wheels are spinning folks!)

Alright, there are a few things I like. I like when the snow looks like fairy dust with the sparkles and when the kids come in with rosy cheeks proud of their snowman and ask for hot chocolate. I love Christmas Eve and the excitement of the holiday season. I kinda dig going to see Santa Clause.  I also like making my own Christmas list, which I did this year using eBay collections, check it out:

eBay collections family movie nightFamily Movie Night:  I’m hoping to turn my basement into a cozy little family movie room where we can spend our long winter weekends cozy by the fire watching some classic movies.

Fairy Garden Wishes: My daughter has kind of gotten into fairies and I must admit, so have I. I’m hoping this spring to make a little fairy garden of my own in our flower beds. Now that I’m teaching I have some extra time (I hope!) to play and so I’m planning a fairy garden. Why not, right!?

eBay collections Little Black Dress

What Shall I Tote? Silly question! I have plenty of tote bags but never enough, in my opinion. I love changing up my bags and I’m always toting something kid related so I might have well have something stylish! Which bag do you love?

A Little Black Dress:  My husband and I are planning an adult vacation with some friends to Vegas this March and I need a little black dress! So I’ve got my eyes on a few of these.

So yes, I dislike winter but it’s always better when you have something to wish for and look forward to, like scoring something from my eBay collections! Tell me, do you have an eBay collection? If not, follow mine and be sure to get your own!

Disclaimer:  I am part of the eBay influencer network and I am compensated for my time. My opinions are my own and I’ve been shopping and selling on eBay for years and love it, which is why I’m sharing with you my personal experiences, thoughts and opinions.

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