My kids love camping. As a child one of my greatest memories involves camping with my mother, sister, aunt and two cousins. I remember all of us kids hunting for trolls in the woods, trying to capture flying fairies, living in our bathing suit, building sand castles and towns that only a kid can build, staying up late and going to bed with marshmallow covered faces black feet and grins on our faces.

I seek to give the best childhood experiences to my children and my husband and I both enjoy sitting around a camp fire, kicking back with a few cold ones and exploring the great outdoors with our children. I’m not really a “rough-in” it type of camper, I like a few things like a bed and if possible electricity and water. I like my morning brew and there’s something about washing my hands that makes me feel – well clean, yes I don’t mind being clean. Ahem, its fine for my munchkins to not care about sticky faces and charcoal covered faces but me, not so much.

A Not So Rustic Camping Experience but Camping Nonetheless

We like enjoy state parks and country run camp grounds but the kids have really enjoyed the Yogi Bear camp ground near our home and so we’ve decided to try to branch out recently and explore the Yogi Bear campground at the Wisconsin Dells. The thing about camping at a new campground is you have to go on reviews and recommendations from other people on where to camp and which is site. It’s sort of like shooting in the dark and hoping you score because really, the camp maps don’t tell you much other than where the bathrooms and buildings are.

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Again, not a rustic experience with a pool, coffee served, a laundry facility, store with everything under the sun for purchase and a tiki bar – yes I know, some do not call this camping.  I’m not in my bed, I have to share a shower and there are bugs, lots of bugs – so to me it’s camping.

If you’re considering visiting the Dells and Yogi Bear Camp Ground’s on your radar here is what my family liked and did not like about our experience:


  • The staff was friendly and when we needed to move camp sites due to an ant infested tree that caused me to wake up with a camper full of ants, they quickly sprayed and let us move.
  • They had plenty of activities for the children from crafts, swimming a dance party and hayride. The children had fun playing putt-putt and twisting down the water slide.
  • The store was well stocked with amenities, even fans reasonably priced. Seeing that we camped in 105 degree weather, we appreciated this.
  • The location is close to all the local attractions, which makes coming and going easy – especially if you have younger children that need breaks. We were only a few miles from Mt. Olympus, the Original Army Duck tour (expensive but I highly recommend this tour).


  • The campground is near the interstate and a busy road – it’s not exactly quiet sleeping. I prefer not so rustic camping but I’d like to not hear honking and semis at 3 in the morning!
  • The online reservation system is highly flawed. We made a reservation and had confirmation but when I called because I had a feeling that I should just double check, they did not have us down.  This created a slight heart attack but they upgraded us to a red carpet site.

Hot Tip:  Do not spend the money to upgrade to a red carpet site – it is not worth the money. The grills are dirty, the “red” carpet is dirty” and the incentives for boating, putt-putt and 2 free drinks isn’t really worth the $35 upgrade unless you really boat and putt-putt the heck out of your time there!

  • Too few showers with so many campers! The women’s restroom only had 3 showers and each time we had to wait in line for a shower upward of 25 minutes.

Hot Tip: Go before 8 am and you’ll have the shortest wait!

We enjoyed our experience overall but in comparison to the Indian River Yogi Bear – the campsite pales in comparison. I highly suggest visiting  for other campgrounds, restaurants and local deals if you do decide to visit the Dells.

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