The kids are off to school. I’m in my bathrobe, Stormy Kromer and drinking hot coffee. I’ve cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the oven (oh, what a job that was) and organized my desk drawer. I’ve turned in two articles for Home Depot and shared the recent published article on recycling and reusing asphalt shingles and creating an edible center piece. It’s amazing what you have time for when you’re not working a traditional 8-5 job and your hours aren’t dictated. There’s a lot of freedom.

Freedom to organize drawers, scrub ovens and drink coffee and ponder choosing a word of the year.  Yes, a word of the year. Do you have one? Do you choose one each year?

My friend Jill of Just Jilly, asked about this on Facebook last night and said it stressed her out. I’m agreeingLife is really simple until you over complicate it. #Quote with her right now because I cannot choose just one word. I have this feeling that if I pick just ONE word, I’m stuck. Like its super glued to me and if I want to change it I’m cheating. So instead I just haven’t picked a word. I’m probably over complicating something very simple.

Instead I’m organizing drawers and cleaning my oven.

Except I want to choose a word of the year. I want 2015 to be stupendous. I want 2015 to be successful, joyful and full of adventure, health and merriment.  I want to give more, pray more and take care of myself to be a better mother, wife, sister and friend. There is so much I want for 2015 that picking one word seems like I’m limiting myself.

I asked my family if they had to pick one word what it would be and just like that the word rolled off their tongues. My son said he wanted his word for 2015 to be awesomeness and my husband, I forget his word to be honest with you. I was thinking of myself jealous of how his one word just came to him so easy. Sad but true. My daughter, she’s more like me and raddled off a few words. Faith, trust and pixie dust. Gotta love some pixie dust! You can tell we just got off a Disney cruise!

Still no word for me, even after my families inspiration or reading Abundant Mama on choosing a family word of the year or The Peaceful Mom and her advice for how to choose an inspired word of the year.  I read about rewriting resolutions and choosing one word and still, I’m undecided on just ONE word. I’ve seen my friends post their word on Facebook. I’ve read their blog posts about their words being DO or LIMITS.  Great words and they inspire me and for a quick second I think to myself, I’ll use their word.

Choosing a word of the year for 2015 and do I need just ONE word?No, I need to pick my own word and if it is their word too, great but I want my own word.  This still leaves me with no word because I have a list of words that embody what I want 2015 to be.

So I will go back to my drawer organizing and coffee drinking and continue to ponder my list of words and hope one word sticks out more than the others. One word sings gloriously to me saying, “Pick me!”

It might be 2016 before that happens but in the meantime, tell me, did you pick a word of the year for 2015?

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