DeskCycle review for working out while at your desk.I sit at my desk for roughly 8 hours a day. That’s a big change for me because even though I worked from home when working for Shaklee I had more flexibility in my day because the company was west coast and I’m east coast. This means I’d make working out first thing in the morning a priority. I’d take my kids to school, tie up my shoes and hit the pavement. Walking was my therapy. I’d turn on my Pandora radio and enjoy five miles all to myself!

As a teacher I just don’t have that luxury. My day often starts before 8am and I’m busy all day talking to students, parents, teachers and teaching. If you’ve ever wondered if online teachers work full-days, I’m here to tell you the answer is yes. My pants size can verify this! Ha! Ha!

So here I am struggling with a schedule change and lack of exercise during the day – which has meant winter weight I’m not happy about. The answer for me has been the DESKCYCLE™.

Throughout the last few months of winter I’ve tried several times during the week to use the DESKCYCLE™ which fits under my desk while I’m working. So basically I sit and pedal.

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Now the thing for me is that I need cardio and I can’t really say this gives me much cardio but I am moving and burning calories, which is a plus. Here is what I like about the DESKCYCLE™:

  • I can use to while on the phone because is virtually silent.DeskCycle Review for working out at your desk!
  • It is easy to use and was super easy to put together (my kids did it).
  • My arms are free so I can type and work at the computer and not worry about flying off a treadmill. Though I’d love to try a treadmill desk too!
  • It is portable so I can use it while reading or watching television, not just working at my desk.
  • It’s affordable and under $150.00 on Amazon!

The DESKCYCLE™ is providing me with stress relief, a chance to exercise during my 8 hour work day and burn calories that I need to burn! It’s also helping me keep my legs and calves in shape for the spring and summer season. It will be much easier to hit the payment this summer because I’ve been somewhat active using the DESKCYCLE™.

I will note that you need to make sure your desk has knee and leg clearance. We measured to make sure that while sitting in my chair at my desk I wouldn’t bang my knees. Ouch! When using the DESKCYCLE™ you have to make sure you’re feet are strapped and the machine is strapped to your chair. This might seem cumbersome but once you do it a few times it is easy and routine.

Disclaimer: I was given a DESKCYCLE™ to review. My opinions are my own and this post may contain affiliate links.