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It seems like more and more companies are coming out with “Green” eco-friendly cleaners. I’m finding this to be a good thing and confusing with all of the green washing happening. I don’t actually do too many product reviews of cleaners because I’ve found cleaners that I’m very happy with and companies I trust but I’m opened minded and I like to share with my readers alternatives, suggestions and new things on the market.

When a distributor from WOW Green Cleaners contacted me, I said I’d be happy to give the products a whirl, she seemed very enthusiastic and excited and I liked her energy and passion. The cleaners can in a small sample pack and at first I was skeptical. I couldn’t find ingredients listed  and that makes me nervous. The company is a direct sales company and they have not listed all the ingredients due to proprietary rights – I know how this goes because of my connection to Shaklee. I have no problems with direct sales but I do like 100% transparency and I’ve come to learn over and over that this is the only way for me to be certain I know that a product is safe and okay for my family.

The company, however, notes they enzymes in their products and that these work like natural enzymes do to clean our bodies but their products clean the toilets, counters, etc. Yes, two different types of enzymes but they’re proposing they work the same way. The cleaner needs to sit for a few minutes to let the enzymes work their magic and then you can wipe your sink, counter or window and you’ll have a clean surface. The company claims for the products to be completely safe without any harsh chemicals. The website states:

“What is the difference between Wow Green products and other “green” cleaners?
Other green cleaners include ingredients like citrus juices, vinegar, baking soda or other natural products, but they are very low in terms of efficacy. Also, Wow Green products are TRULY non-toxic, since they are enzyme-based.”

From my use of the sample pack of cleaners I can tell you they do work as well as the leading brands without harsh odors or a chemical smell. The counter looked nice and the laundry cleaner did an exceptional job. All toghether the company offers tweleve cleaning products and if you visit Wow Cleaners you’ll find a friendly distrubtor to answer any of your questions or serve you kindly and pricing really is comparable to other products of this kind from direct sale companies.

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