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Sometimes, I just can’t believe what I read…I mean, who thinks this stuff up?  Has your doctor talked to you about Vavelta yet?

Valvelta is a wrinkle treatment available in the UK that is derived from the foreskins of babies.



At birth, we chose not to circumcise our son, but not all boys are so lucky.  What should doctors do with all those leftover foreskins from circumcisions? Treat the aging population’s wrinkles, of course!  According to Scientific American, Vavelta uses fibroblasts, cells that produce the skin-firming protein collagen and make elastin.  The source of the fibrolasts:  baby foreskins.

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  1. Ok. Now that I can actually form thoughts regarding this practice, I’ll remark.

    I am against circumcision. I believe that all babies come the way they are supposed to, and removing a valuable piece of a boy’s penis is about as terrible a thing you could do to a child. There’s the whole “female genital mutilation is wrong so why isn’t circumcision” argument – I won’t get into that.

    But..but..I wonder what the boys will say when they grow up and find out that the piece that was STOLEN from them was SOLD, as in, MADE PEOPLE MONEY, and used as a beauty treatment?


  2. This only proves that a lot of people are just plain stupid. As if there are no more pressing issues to resolve than getting rid of some wrinkles. It really is unbelievable to what ends people will go to achieve more or less meaningless goals. If half of the energy that was wasted on researching this new wrinkle-foreskin treatment had been spent on research a new way of saving electricity or replacing fossil fuels, we might actually get somewhere…

  3. well statistically men are less likely to contract and spread diseases with their foreskins removed, its a proven fact, much like how tonsils are removed. And it doesnt exactly hinder performance later in life. I think foreskins are more of a health issue now than a religious one. However, genital mutilation of women serves no healthy purposed and thus is then considered a violation of rights. but enough about that…

    I dont really see the problem with using the tissue for something else when it is cut off. Its just going to go to waste somewhere, but i would like to see it used for things like growing synthetic skins for victims rather than a beauty treatment as mentioned by Lena. seems like a waste to use the material vainly rather than help save someone skin who really needs it, like a burn victim.

  4. Um…. really? Do the people getting these wrinkle treatments know what they are putting on their faces? I’m guessing no… sadly that is the case with most bath & body products and cosmetics.

    Maybe the people getting these treatments do know and don’t care?? I mean, if your biggest concern is removing something that naturally happens to all of us with age…. ??? People are crazy. Seriously.

    Cool that they have found a use to actually HELP people (I’m referring to the burn victems here) using an otherwise wasted piece of tissue. But seriously…. a wrinkle treatment.

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