Why do we get wrinkles? Have you ever wondered this? As I looked in the mirror today, I asked myself this very question. Which led me to do some research and here is what I learned.

Honey, you are going to age and get wrinkles. End. Of. Story.

HOWEVER, you can minimize wrinkles with prevention. You can also smooth out the fine lines and make your eyes and skin look smoother.

You cannot do anything about the “natural” aging process, where your skin, loses collagen and becomes more fragile with time. It is the way it is. And yes, there’s genetics. Some people just have a bad gene pool when it comes to wrinkles.

It’s what isn’t natural that you can do something about. For example, the sun, you do not have to look like a piece of leather. The more you tan the more wrinkles you will have.  The more you squint those eyes because you don’t wear a hat or sunglasses, the deeper those bunny lines will be and crow’s feet.

As I head towards the big 40 – I am very focused on aging gracefully and putting my best face forward. I One big focus for me, my eyes! The bunny lines (lines between your eyes), the crow’s feet (lines around your eyes) and the bags/dark circles (lines under the eyes) – I have them all.

So what can I do about it, besides wear sunscreen? What can you do about it? First off, don’t fret. That won’t get you anywhere. Just take these simple steps to not help the aging process and if anything else, appear as though you have fewer wrinkles around the eyes! You might not be able to erase the wrinkles but you can make your eyes look better.

Wear Shades to Help Protect Your Eyes From Wrinkles

  1. Wear Shades. I am notorious for not wearing sunglasses and then I squint. When I squint, I am only making my wrinkles deeper. When you squint, you use your facial muscles. The facial muscles are forming the lines and overtime they become deeper and more permanent. This is why I dig the Glassesshop.com because I can get affordable prescription sunglasses and not have any excuses for the squinting. I am wearing these and I love how lightweight they are.
  2. Lay off the Booze & Salt. It is true, when you drink too much or eat high sodium foods, your eyes can look puffy and cause the dark circles under your eyes. In addition, when you drink too much wine, you will not sleep well. Another reason for the bags under your eyes.
  3. Use an Eye Cream. This is something I wish I had started in my 20’s and 30’s. Remember, prevention is key. You cannot do much about genetics or the natural aging process but you can protect the skin under the eyes and give it the moisture and care it needs. This is why I love Now Foods 2 in 1 Correcting Eye Cream. It is intended for mature skin and helps to reduce the look of dark circles and smooths out the appearance of fine lines. Like I said, I can’t undo the past or my genetics but I can make my eyes look younger.

What tips do you have for those pesky wrinkles around your eyes? Do you use a product you love? Share in the comments below. I’d love to know your tips and tricks!


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