Taken with the Motorola Xoom

When you’re on the go for work and your job is social media and blogging – staying connected is essential. As I type this I’m stuck at the L.A. airport for three hours eating lunch at 8:30 in the morning (I don’t adjust to the time difference well)! If it wasn’t for my Motorola Xoom I wouldn’t be able to have WiFi without paying a fortune. Without the Internet I couldn’t publish this post, reply to emails and make my three hour layover productive.  I really want to fly home, close down my computer and phone and just be with my family. This means I need to make the most of my time on the road.

Now some iPad fans might be questioning why I wouldn’t just go with Mac but here is the truth:

I love my Android phone and my Dell computer. I function well with them and I tried converting but it didn’t work.

When Verizon contacted me to give the Xoom tablet a test drive it came at a perfect time in my life! I had been looking for a tablet but did not want to go with the iPad. The Xoom has been a seamless addition to my life and is the tablet answer for this busy green mom.  Here is what I love so far:

  • I can use all of my favorite Android applications that are on my phone with the Xoom.
  • The 3G wireless is fast and I cannot wait to try the 4G! Being in an airport it is so nice to be able to use my Xoom table as a laptop, read or have my Dell computer connect.
  • The Google Maps and Navigation work the same as they do on My Android phone and when I was driving from the Oakland International Airport to my hotel in the dark the large screen and navigation voice was very handy!
  • I saved paper not having to print everything for my trip. I just pulled it up on the Xoom!
  • I use the Xoom as my laptop on the go with the Verizon Bluetooth case and keyboard. It has been an adjustment using the keyboard but it works for answering my emails, replying to tweets and Facebook updates and editing and viewing documents.

The Xoom has really been my on the go solution and so far the only thing I’ve disliked is the Skype Application not allowing me to video conference. I hope that will change soon!

Taken with the Motorola Xoom

So seriously, who needs an iPad when they’ve got a Xoom?

Disclosure: I am a part of Verizon’s Midwest Moms program.  I was given a Motorola Xoom and six months of service in exchange for sharing my journey with all of you. All opinions expressed are my own.

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