Editors Note: This article was originally published by Jennifer Lance of Eco Child’s Play. My children do not do Yoga but this post has made me think about it.

My kids have been exposed to yoga from the moment they were born (well actually, they were doing yoga in utero).  Sometimes they chose to join in with my practice (my four-year-old son’s favorite asana is savasana), and sometimes they don’t.

They have their own eco-friendly mats, but that is the extent of their own yoga goodies until we got the YogaBuddies CDs.

Good Morning Good Night with YogaBuddies is 2 CD yoga instructional series designed to help KIDS begin and end their day with a dash of fun and a lot of peace and calm. Created by Danay DiVirgilio, a leader in yoga for kids , these CDs offer kids an empowering tool to feel healthy, peaceful and relaxed.

The Good Morning CD helps kids get energized and focused for the day with 22 poses and affirmations.

The Good Night CD teaches kids 18 poses to stretch, unwind and calm themselves as they get ready for bed. This CD also includes a breathing technique to prepare kids for a restful sleep

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