Ladies this is the one of those time where I am telling you that Green & Clean Mom is raising the roof and doing a dance! I have a three part series of posts coming up because I have so much great stuff to tell you. The first part is going to be a sexy and sassy review of Shea Terra Organics products that I’ve been sampling over the last few weeks. I haven’t been saving too much water doing this review because I keep wanting to take a shower and try the products. They smell heavenly. The second part in this series will be a honorary interview with the CEO and founder of Shea Terra Organics. I say honorary because she has 11 children that she home schools and she is running a major company. WOW! Last but not least, the third post will be a summary of the review, interview and a CONTEST! Oh, yeah mama’s you’re gonna be able to win some spa quality products for your very own use and they’re natural and organic. Too darn good to be true! Start cutting back on the water now because I promise you, if you win you’ll take some long showers! Not to mention a little zest in the s-e-x- department! LOL! I’m not going to tell you when I’m going to post about all this good stuff either so if you want to be in the loop, subscribe so you don’t miss out! Plus I have the big launch to the new site taking place soon and I’m going to have some even bigger and better giveaways. Remember the Fridge Box? Yeah, well April wants to generously give two away!

I tell you, there is so much good stuff in the works I can barely contain all the secrets! Do you have a earth friendly, green lovin’ product that moms have to see? Maybe you want to offer a discount, do a giveaway and have me review your products? I am looking for sponsers to help support this move and help give Green & Clean Moms the site they deserve with the power of information. I’ve been reading the book, The Big Green Purse (a launch giveaway and review) and women spend $.85 for every $1.00 spent in the U.S. This means we have some major spending power to make companies go green and move in a more earth friendly direction. I can’t wait to tell you more but I have to finish the book. Just wanted to leave you with some green food for though! Don’t forget to subscribe at the left hand side of this blog so you don’t miss out!!!

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