I love Zappos…you know the online shoe store that ships your shoes to you for free and the returns are free too! The selection of shoes might be great but the free shipping both ways, rock! Wait and they don’t just have shoes either! Most companies are raising the shipping prices because of the economy (or so they say) but not Zappos! I was doing a little twittering the other day and the CEO of Zappos was twittering so I gave him a little “tweet” and asked him just how “green” was Zappos? If moms like me are going to buy from companies like Zappos, we need to know they are trying to go green and care. My little “tweet” to Tony ended in a quick and timely response, which impressed me. I email and talk to many CEO’s and companies and the reply isn’t so quick. Gerber is one of them and I’ll happily tell you about in another post and they are getting a lot of Green & Clean Mom love either! A big thanks to Tony, the CEO, and his staff that have been 100% great when it comes to answering questions, emailing and helping me with the launch.

Besides carrying eco friendly shoes, I found out they have a basic recycling program in all three of their Vegas locations. Everyone that’s part of the Zappos “team” has heard the important message about doing their part and recycling whenever possible. Sweet! That’s better than some homes! The pop cans get turned in for money and donated to a charitable organization which is pretty neat. When it comes to retail, Zappos, is working on giving customers a reusable bag at not cost when a certain amount is spent. This is to encourage the use of reusable bags verses paper or plastic. They’re working on plans for recycling shoes or shoe boxes and offering discounts but this is in the works. Their facilities have motion sensor faucets (I need these) to conserve water and they use 100% recycled paper. To celebrate Earth Day the graveyard team made sculptures from all the empty bottles found in the recycling. I think that’s pretty creative.

All in all, I have to say, Zappos seems to be on the right track. Are they perfect? No. Are you? I want to see companies go green and care, however, I don’t want to see them recycle a bottle and then throw away a tin can or make a product that isn’t earth friendly. Better yet, I don’t want to see a company manufacture a dangerous product that can harm my kids and the Earth but tell me that they recycle. I’m pretty sure Zappos cares and they aren’t just on the green marketing wagon like some companies. The teams of employees that work for them care and so the company cares. Kudos to Zappos and keep doing more good things and improving!!! Want to win $100 off e-certificate coming up when I turn the switch on for the new site? I know you do! Shucks, I do but since it’s my site I can’t really enter but I wish I could. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming fun stuff. I saw the second mock up and “ohmigosh” it was to die for. Lori over at A Cowboys Wife even said so. She got a sneak peak!! So circle, June 1st because that will be the day, if nothing goes tragically wrong. Make sure you subscribe so you the 411 on all changes and fun upcoming stuff!

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