zumbox paperless mail

Finally, a way to send and receive mail to your home address, completely paperless! If you haven’t heard of Zumbox yet, it’s a great big idea whose time has come. You can use Zumbox for sending just about anything, virtually free (up to 50 times per month). Send postcards, letters, invitations, announcements, any file that can be printed. Send HTML, Flash, and other embeddable media. Receive bills, catalogs, invoices, and more, from anywhere you can get on the internet.
zumbox paperless mail

“Paper mail creates significant levels of waste and a large carbon footprint.  In fact, 60 million trees are used to make 24 million tons of paper per year that cycles through the mail stream and ends up in landfills. In addition, the 260,000 postal service vehicles on the road burn an estimated 800 million gallons of fuel annually that results in significant levels of exhaust.”

Zumbox has a box for every street address in the U.S., and they are private and secure. Simply sign up, get your PIN (which is sent by physical mail, to ensure that the address is indeed yours), and login to check your mail.


For each sender, you can choose “Paperless Only” to opt out of physical paper mailings for each sender. Bill paying can go from a pile of envelopes and inserts to a document with an almost zero footprint. Now that’s thinking out of the box.

Sign up for Zumbox today and take your mailbox to the next level!

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