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Green and Clean Mom Gurus (like the Love Gurus but better)

Sommer Poquette is the Green and Clean Mom founder but visit her page to find out more about her and read more here about those contributing that sprinkle some great green goodness into the site that really makes it shine!

Derek is an accomplished writer who previously wrote for Green and Clean Mom.  In past articles he was adding a dad perspective to the site, and will write about parenting, cooking (fabulous recipes), news, tips and more. He’s also a social media junkie and can be found Twitter (@DerekMarkham), digg (naturalpapa),  and StumbleUpon (d-man413). He’s jazzed to be a part of Green and Clean Mom, and is always open to feedback on any topic. Want to run something by him? Use the contact form and it will get promptly to the man in charge, Derek! Recently Derek was interviewed by Green Talk Radio, a great opportunity to learn more about him just by listening!
Photobucket Katie Martin is a wedding consultant and Eco friendly event planner with amazing attention to detail and experience, celebrating her tenth year of success with Elegance & Simplicity. Elegance and Simplicity has been featured in the hottest of bridal magazines from Bride & Bloom, The Knot, Engaged and Wedding Style (to name a few). Katie’s press page will knock your socks off! Katie can green any event big or small and helps businesses and individuals in the D.C. and Baltimore area with her site, Green Life DC. To help the readers of Green and Clean Mom, Katie will be writing about all thing green and eco-friendly when it comes to weddings and special occassions.

100_3333Melissa Bathish is a mother of four, fitness and health guru, lover of tennis and historical fiction. Melissa is the beautiful aunt of Green and Clean Mom and loves helping to offer guidance, do reviews and help whenever she can. Melissa is currently seeking her PHD and has a Masters in Pediatric Nursing from the University of Michigan where she is currently a professor.

Haley is the gorgeous brunette next to Melissa Peterman at the Blissdom 2010 conference!

Haley Marie is a mother, fitness guru and fun loving sister of Green and Clean Mom, Sommer!  Haley is working hard at being some shade of green and learning about a more eco-friendly life style. Haley is a police officer and probation officer who works hard to ensure safety and to be a good role model within our communities. Haley loves to bike, run, walk and do anything and everything outdoors! Haley Marie handles most product reviews and frequently travels to conferences and speaking engagements as both moral support and assistance to Green and Clean Mom {the sisters love to be together}!

Lindsey a paramedic, married with two dogs that enjoy hunting, fishing, playing the piano and making her own metal jewelry.  Lindsey does not like cake or pancakes but give her some rhubarb custard pie with a bit of vanilla ice cream and she’s a happy woman!  A fabulous lady who coupons, gardens, cans, makes her own laundry soap and like myself grew up with a grandmother who could do it and lived simply – like we all probably should.

Lindsey will be a regular Green and Clean Mom contributor who will bring you excellent tips, DIY guides, personal experiences, recipes and more all related to gardening, canning, couponing and well, just getting back to the basics!


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