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Please Note:  This project is underway and seeking grants and researching non-profit status. It is currently not a non-profit project.  Due to the time investment, it is running slow but please know G&CM believes very much in this and would love your support!

Bisphenol-A is a hormone-disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. It has been known that scratched and worn polycarbonate feeding bottles will leach this chemical into liquids. Most moms don’t even realize that the bottle, sippy cup, plastic teething ring, pacifier, or food container is tainted with this chemical. Our exposure to this chemical is widespread and when adults were tested, 95% of them had this chemical in their urine! It has been found in the blood of pregnant women, in the umbilical cord, and placenta. This early exposure is linked to genetic damage, cancer, miscarriages, increase prostate size, behavioral problems, and changes in gender behavior, early puberty, and low sperm count. All of this is just scary!

As a mom discovering all of this, I was angry, confused, and scared. I personally switched sippy cups, stopped buying bottled water, and dove into researching Bisphenol-A and being a cautious consumer. Then my son when to preschool and my daughter to daycare and they drank out of the cups I just got rid of. I was alarmed but then I knew that like me, they probably did not know about BPA and the harmful effects. Nor could they afford to replace all of their sippy cups and bottles. I’ve worked in childcare for over 12 years and I know that childcare centers and daycares centers have tight budgets with small profits. This is how I came up with the idea for BPA FREE Project…Green & Clean Mom saves the world one sippy at a time!

The concept behind this project is to help childcare centers and daycares replace their BPA sippy cups and other BPA products. Children should be in safe, non-toxic childcare settings. How can you support the BPA FREE Project?

1) Donate: When a donation is made via pay pal all of this money will be used to purchase BPA-free sippy cups and bottles. The products will be donated to a childcare center or preschool. With permission of that school, they will be listed as schools receiving a donation and the number of cups. G&CM will keep tally of how many cups are donated. G&CM is not profiting off this pay pal donation.

2) Purchase products from G&CM store to help fund this project (COMING SOON). All profits coming from the sales of the store and affiliates will help fund and support G&CM. This allows for the project to continue. A grant was written to help create a non-profit organization and provide funding for this program and I’m hopeful that it will be approved. If you’re website, company or personal family would like to help sponsor this project or donate products, please contact me.

3) Join the cause and help me. To do this you need to put a banner on your site linking to G&CM BPA FREE Project. (COMING SOON)

4) Buy BPA FREE Sippy Cups from any of Z Recommends researched and reviewed BPA FREE Product list and donate them to a local childcare center in your area. They’ve done such a remarkable job over at Z Recommends that there is no sense recreating the wheel. Please take the time to read their disclaimer because, like me, they’re not perfect and can make no guarantees. Contact me with how many BPA FREE cups, bottles, or products were donated. This will be added to the tally.

5) Sign the petition letting the CEOs of the major companies still using BPA to stop! For more information on BPA I urge you to visit any of these websites:


Please read my disclaimer and privacy policy and note that I am just a mom trying to make a difference.

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