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Pampers vs Luvs – Should You Spend The Extra Money?

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It’s quite funny when you think about it. Both Pampers and Luvs are actually made by the same company – Proctor and Gamble.

They actually are the inventors of the disposable diaper, back in the 60s, when they first created Pampers diapers. Later on, they went on to make Luvs to expand their market and increase the choice of diaper brands for all of us!

Luvs were originally a more premium brand, with better materials and features. But P&Gs new CEO decided to change all that a few years ago. Which is why we are comparing Luvs vs Pampers diapers right now!

Now, Pampers are the more expensive brand. And Luvs the budget brand.

So, in general, for the same kind of diaper, you will find Luvs online for cheaper than Pampers diapers. You can check out the current prices below:

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But you might also want to know what the main differences are between them, and whether it’s worth spending the extra cash on Pampers.

The Main Differences Between Pampers & Luvs

Ok, so Pampers are premium and Luvs budget, but what does that actually mean in reality?

Well, Pampers are usually a lot better, and I for one prefer them over Luvs. But, let’s take a look in detail so you can see in detail.

Luvs Smell, A Lot

This is something you are either going to love, tolerate or hate.

Luvs, for some bizarre reason, have decided that their diapers should smell like a combination of baby powder and perfume. Perhaps they thought it would either help make your baby smell great, or more likely, mask the smells they make in their diaper. Personally I just use a lot of actual baby powder!

However, this smell is so strong it is bordering on horrible. Most reviews I have seen online mention it, and some absolutely hate it.

If this is something you think you won’t like, skip the Luvs.

Pampers Absorption Is Better – Overnight Diapers (12 Hours)

If you ask most people using either of these brands they will tell you that Pampers tend to last longer, absorb more and are better suited as overnight diapers. In fact, Pampers claim that their diapers can last for up to 12 hours. Not always realistic, but even at 8 hours it’s enough for most babies overnight, right?

Luvs tend to have a big patch of absorbing material in the middle and Pampers diapers a row of tubes. This means that Luvs tend to sag, with many people saying only a first, minor pee is already enough to make their child look like they are carrying a load. They also tend to be thinner, which is a plus if you want to fit something over them. But not so much for holding lots of pee.

pampers absorbing channelsPampers system of absorption channels is better designed to distribute and control the water flow in the diaper. So, they tend to be able to last longer. Something to think about. Because they may cost a lot more, but if you can use them twice as long? Then are they really more expensive!

Pampers Come With More Features

The extra money you spend on Pampers is used to create and manufacture better materials and features. You may still be able to get away with Luvs for your child, but Pampers go the extra mile.

Here are some of the features you would appreciate:

Wetness Indicator

swaddler wetness indicatorOn the Pampers Swaddlers, which are often used for newborns and younger babies, there is a clear and helpful wetness indicator on the front.

Overnight Sleepers

Pampers also has a particular model called Pampers Baby Dry which has an extra sleep layer for keeping baby even drier, especially overnight. Whether your baby needs Pampers Baby Dry is something you will have to try. Ultimately, it is always each parent’s choice.

Diapers That Stretch & Move

Let’s face it, kids never stay still. Even when they are first born they will kick their legs and squirm like crazy. At least all the ones I have seen. Maybe you are lucky and have a zen-like monk for a baby? I doubt it.

pampers cruisers 3-way fitSo, that also means that there are lots of chances for the diaper to leak. At the top. Around the legs. And whenever your baby rolls, kicks or better yet, starts crawling or walking.

Pampers have taken all this into consideration with their diapers and added some great features. Particularly their Cruisers are made for very active kids. But still, their other models have stretchy elements and cuffs as well.

swaddlers umbilical notch

Not to mention the cut out for the belly button nub that you get on newborns. Another great feature to have when you are using them for your newly born baby.

Soft Material

Pampers also tend to be a bit softer than Luvs diapers, which makes sense as they cost more and have invested more in the materials they use. Pampers Swaddlers, in particular, are aimed at younger babies and their liners are considered by many to be one of the softest on the market.

According to Pampers and sales data, hospitals also prefer them for newborns for this reason along with many others (like the belly button cut out and wetness indicator).

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Most of the diapers made by Pampers and Luvs are in the NB (New Born) and then 1 – 6 sizes which suit babies from newborn up to about 35lbs, depending on the specific diaper and brand. You can see a full breakdown of the sizes and brands here.

What is worth noting though is that Pampers covers a broader range which also includes prematurely born babies (Premies) and older children too. So, if you have either of these, then Luvs probably won’t cover you at the very early or late stages of your child’s diaper journey.

When Luvs Are More Than Enough

Although luvs are really a more budget diaper and not as great as Pampers, for some people or situations they are really good enough.

If you can try them both, then it’s a great opportunity to find out if they work for your child. Because in the end, it’s not which ones are the best on paper, but which work best for you.

Luvs can seal ok, and absorb reasonable quantities of pee, but they don’t work for everyone. And often not overnight.

However, many reviewers report them as more than good enough, and at a way lower price.

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