Best PVC-free Christmas Trees (For A Healthy Holiday)

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The holiday season is fast approaching. People are looking for decors as early as now because right after Halloween, the Christmas spirit will take over our homes. Of all the Christmas symbols that we can display, it is the Christmas tree that can never be forgotten. It’s the most important holiday decoration in houses worldwide. There are two kinds of Christmas trees: the real live ones and those artificial ones that are popular in most areas.

Artificial trees are known for its durability. It can last for how many years of reuse. They look good and always maintain their symmetry. Most artificial trees are made of plastic and because they are non-biodegradable, they end up as environmental pollutants. Modern artificial Christmas trees are now being manufactured using different materials. This list will cover those that are PVC-free. But first, let’s find out the factors to consider when selecting the perfect artificial Christmas tree.

Things To Consider

Height and Diameter

Size is very important in selecting the perfect Christmas tree. Before you shop, make sure you have an intended space for your tree. Check the size of the area and stick to it when making your purchase. It’s best when you already have an idea of how tall and wide, and how much of the space your Christmas tree will take.


Some artificial Christmas trees are already accented when you buy them. There can be pre-lit ones where the branches have their own built-in lights. You just have to plug it after setting it up. There are ones where leaves look dusted with snow for a winter look. Aside from fake snow, some trees are sparkled with glitters or other ornaments. This saves time when you don’t want to put effort on decorating your tree. You only have to set it up and you’re done!


Artificial Christmas tree branches can either be hinged or hooked. Hinged ones are those that are attached and folded into the tree trunk. When you set it up, you just have to bend them away from the pole according to your liking. The hooked ones are those where you assemble every branch to the trunk. This takes time but easier to store. You can also choose from a fuller or spacious gaps in between.

Pole and Base

This is an important factor in choosing an artificial Christmas tree because these parts carry the entire tree and other decorations that you want to put on it. Poles and bases can be wooden, plastic, or metal. You just have to be sure which is sturdy. It depends on what decors you want to put as long as it can carry the weight of everything.

Look and Feel

Artificial Christmas trees can look and feel like the real thing. It might be an important aspect for you, especially if you want to have something that looks like an authentic one. What you want to watch out for is the color of the needles or leaves, the materials, the pole and base, and the texture. There are artificial Christmas trees that look fake, and I’m sure you would want to celebrate the holidays with the illusion of having a real Christmas tree at home.

Price and Life Cycle

Ultimately, after all these factors to consider, it’s the price that matters and the Christmas tree’s durability. Look for something that is worth the price. If you go for a pricier artificial Christmas tree, make sure it will last for a few years at least. It’s hard to go through the whole process again if the tree breaks after the holiday season and you’d have to buy another one again after a few months for the coming year.


If the Christmas tree is not a real-life tree, then of course, it is artificial. Most artificial trees are made of plastic, metal, PVC or PE. There are more modern ones that use felt, feathers, tinsel, aluminum, and others. Depending on what your idea of your perfect tree is, and the criteria above, will determine the choice of material for you.

For people who are environmentally-inclined and don’t want to have a Christmas tree made of polyvinyl chloride, here are some of the other alternatives you can choose from that are PVC-free.

1. National Tree 3 Foot Silver Tinsel Tree with Plastic Stand

National Tree 3 Foot Silver Tinsel Tree with Plastic Stand (TT33-700-30-1)

This artificial tree is great if you want something that will not take up much space.

They have it in 2ft, 3ft, and 6ft. The 2ft can be placed on top of a desk. The 3ft can either be put on a table or on the floor. The 6ft tree, of course, is perfect on the floor. The needles are made of aluminum tinsels and shines as it is.

Even if they look small, they can still carry light ornaments if you want to add more decorations.


  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Fire-resistant
  • Non-allergenic


  • Lose or broken branches
  • Base can crack
  • Tinsels fall off easily
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2. Aluminum Christmas Tree with Color Wheel Set

Brandi Decor Aluminum Christmas Tree with Color Wheel Set

If you want a simple yet vintage look for an aluminum Christmas tree, this one’s for you. It is made of metallic branches, wooden pole, and a small circular stand.

Since it’s thin, it might not be able to hold many ornaments. It comes with a color wheel to enhance the shine and sparkle of the tinsels, but that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Still, it’s a unique tree that will certainly bring some color to your Christmas!



  • Includes rotating color wheel to add pizazz
  • Retro look and feel


  • Branches do not fit the pole
  • Too expensive
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3. Tinsel Tree x368 on Metal Stand Antique Silver

5'Hx40 D Tinsel Tree x368 on Metal Stand Antique Silver (5')

Another simple tinsel tree is this one made of metal pole and branches. It comes in antique silver color to keep the vintage look and feel of the Christmas tree.

It has thin branches that don’t look too bushy which is nice and clean, if that is the look you are going for.

It can already be displayed as is. Or, you can put ornaments on it without it looking too crowded or over-decorated. It’s sturdy enough to hold them as well, which is good news for a tree that is actually quite light.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Lots of spaces in between for ornaments


  • Metal branches can easily break
  • Can rust if not stored in a dry location
  • Tinsels fall off over time
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4. Lightshare 3Ft 112L Lighted Star Light Tree

LIGHTSHARE 3Ft 112L Lighted Star Light Tree,Warm White,Brown Branch

This artificial Christmas tree comes in 3ft and 6ft versions for those needing small or large tree options. Great if you need to save space, the 3ft version is perfect for an office or small appartment.

Though it may look like a natural tree with twigs, it has built-in LED lights all over it which makes it perfect to use as it is, without adding lights or ornaments. So, if set and forget is your kind of thing, it’s a great idea.



  • Safe for indoor or outdoor display
  • Bendable branches for shaping
  • Sturdy branches


  • Can fall over in windy conditions (if you use it outdoors for example)
  • Also prone to rust if not stored in a dry place
  • Many say lights too bright
  • Pole wrap falls off over time
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5. Treetopia Tinkerbell Silver Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree

Treetopia Tinkerbell Silver Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree, 6 Feet, Clear Lights

If you want a magical and modern Christmas look for your house, this tinsel tree is perhaps the perfect solution for you.

It comes with built-in lights so you might only need ornaments for added color. And it makes the idea of “plug and play” a reality for Christmas trees too!

Compared to other tinsel trees, this one is fuller looking, so will give more of a tree-like experience.

It also has a 5-year warranty for the foliage and 2-year warranty for the lights. It also comes with extra bulbs and fuse in case some of the lights don’t work.



  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Fuller looking tree
  • 5 year warranty (foliage) 2 years (lights)


  • Tinsels fall off easily (they all seem to)
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6. Hb 6' Ft Sparkling Gorgeous Folding Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree Silver Color

Hb 6' Ft Sparking Gorgeous Folding Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree Silver Color 450 Tips

For those looking for cheap retro Christmas trees, this is a great buy for sure. It’s cheaper than most tinsel trees and more sparkly. So, it’s kind of a double winner in my eyes.

Just a few lights can make the tree and its surroundings glow bright, so although it does not offer over the top lighting options, it’s still a good option.

It is made up of small portions that can easily be assembled. It gets wobbly and bent when decorated too much, but as with any other tinsel trees, it can look good on its own, so you don’t have to plan on overloading it with stuff.


  • Affordable
  • Super shiny and reflective
  • Easy to set up and take down


  • Not very sturdy for heavy ornaments
  • Lots of empty gaps
  • Tinsels fall off easily
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7. Joy-Leo 5 Foot Silver Multicolored Shiny Tinsel Christmas Tree with Reflective Sequins

Joy&Leo 5 Foot Silver Multicolored Sequin Pop Up Tinsel Christmas Tree, Easy to Assemble and Store, for Small Spaces Apartment Fireplace Party Home Office Store Classroom Xmas Decorations

For your last-minute indoor Christmas setup, this is a great choice. It can be easily propped up to stand on a thin pole and plastic legs.

You can choose from pure blue, pure silver, multicolored gold, or a multi-colored silver tinsel. Always good to have options, right?

Since it already has colorful sequins all around, there is minimal to zero need for additional ornaments. The shine is enough but you can still add a few lights if you want it to sparkle even more at night.



  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Can be used for any occasion
  • Collapsible for easy storage


  • Quite thin
  • Not as sturdy as some
  • Cannot be fixed easily when damaged
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8. AerWo 5ft Pop up Christmas Tinsel Tree with Stand

AerWo 5ft Pop Up Christmas Tinsel Tree with Stand, Gorgeous Collapsible Artificial Christmas Tree for Christmas Decorations, Green

For a fuller and more Christmas-looking collapsible tinsel tree, go for this one. It comes in green color and fits well even in tiny spaces.

It has thin metal poles and plastic legs that might lean on one side if filled with heavy ornaments, so don’t go crazy on the decorations. As with any aluminum tinsel branches, it shines and sparkles just right.



  • Perfect for small areas
  • A cinch to assemble


  • Not super sturdy
  • Not a lot of space for lights or other ornaments
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9. Beistle 1-Pack Jointed Christmas Tree

Beistle 1-Pack Jointed Christmas Tree, 6-Feet

Imagine a hanging Christmas tree that is not made of the usual artificial materials. This wall-mounted Christmas tree made of cardboard is sure to save a lot of space and catch the attention of your friends and family over the holidays.

From afar, it looks like a real and beautifully decorated area in your house. But upon closer inspection, it would blow the minds of everyone because of the optical illusion it creates.

For added realistic effect at night, you can also stick lights all over it.


  • Saves a lot of space
  • Has slots to insert cards, lightweight ornaments, or lights


  • Delicate material
  • Prone to tears and creases
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10. A Real Christmas Tree

Of course, if you want something that is completely natural and not made of anything synthetic or fake, go for a real and living Christmas tree. There are a lot of varieties of trees that can be used for the holidays.

You can choose from a wide range of fir, spruce or pine trees. Just make sure you know how to make them last for the entire holiday season. As we all know, they will die if not given the proper care. In places where these plants or trees are available, there are farms or gardens that sell them during the holiday season. Most of them are already cut and ready to be taken home.


  • Lively and realistic
  • Comes in all shapes and sizes
  • You can grow your own or keep one for multiple years


  • Cannot be reused for a long time
  • Branches and needles wither
  • Not available in every area or time

Lots of Options, One Reason

True enough, there are many types of Christmas trees to choose from. Both artificial and real trees have their own varieties and subcategories. The choice of material is important especially if we take it seriously. Whether PVC or PE, it doesn’t matter. Now that we live in the modern times, there are even digitalized or electronic trees made available. But those are all just decorations that we think about and put up once a year. What is most important is the reason why we are putting up decors in the first place.

Christmas trees are just an added effect or major symbols of the festivities. Think about the main reason why we even bother selecting the perfect Christmas tree every holiday season. More than the place where Santa Claus can put our gifts, it is the celebration of the event itself with our family and loved ones. A season of love and sharing… that is Christmas.