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For Companies, Causes, Organization, and P.R. Firms a Mom Go Green Blog Tour might be the answer for you if…

1.  You have a green, sustainable, earth-friendly product you want to have blogged about.

2.  You will send the products to the mom bloggers selected for the blog tour and if applicable will agree to give away a product and send the products to the winners. This applies only if a specific product needs to be reviewed.  You will respect the privacy of all mom bloggers who participate in the blog tour and agree to not use their information for any other reason except for the Mom Go Green Blog Tour and necessary follow-up.

3.  You want to reach moms and have them learn about your product, company, organization, or cause and you believe that mommy bloggers can help you get your message out there. Bloggers are abundant, 36 million women write and read blogs and women spend $.85 for every dollar spent. That’s powerful, do you want to harness this power and change marketing for the better and reach the real consumers and give them a voice?


How does a blog tour work when I decide to Host a Mommy Go Green Blog Tour?

First off, Green and Clean Mom and her team have done the work. I have sifted through the trenches of social networking to dig up the best of the best mommy bloggers. I have done what PR Firms might spend weeks or months trying to accomplish and bill you thousands of dollars for. Why? I’m on the inside. I’m a mommy blogger and a “green” one at that. So perks to me and that is a plus for you if the internet and mommy bloggers are your audience. PR firms rock and I love them to pieces but they are new to this and when you partner me with them you have an explosion!

Okay, so you decide to host a Mommy Go Green Blog Tour and you contact Green and Clean Mom, LLC (contact form below) and get the package prices and you make a choice and click pay. Here is the process (minus a few secret G&CM touches):

1.  Green and Clean Mom, LLC then handpicks and invites mommy bloggers that could be a great match for you and your company, product, organization, or cause.

2.  A list of URLs and addresses for all of these bloggers (with their privacy in mind and respected) are sent your way for products to be reviewed.

3.  A blog tour date is set; usually spanning a one-week time frame is set.

4.  All chosen and accepted bloggers post within the set time frame.

5.  You are invited to the elite Mom Blogger group and invited to participate in discussions with the moms that are participating in the blog tour. This is a great chance for the moms to ask you questions and for you to either interact or just listen. This is where you will post photos and any facts that you want the mom bloggers to know about your company, cause, or product.

6.  In the end, I provide you a link to the summary blog tour post where each blogger’s review is highlighted. This is perfect for presentations. If stats and information are needed on the bloggers or their sphere of influence we can provide this for you as well.

7.  Green and Clean Mom will post about the blog tour at the community site featuring your company and the blogs and their reviews. This is then shared via Twitter and Facebook.

Why a blog tour with Green and Clean Mom, LLC?

If all of the above is not enough information for you, I invite you to read my recent press page and testimonial page, view my blog, and read more about me. Green and Clean Mom, LLC handles the details and has an elite group of mom bloggers that want to spread the word about going green, sustainability, and the environment.  When you host a Mommy Go Green Blog Tour you are reaching an audience of hundreds and hundreds of moms and the reviews stay in the search engines and serve as a continual advertisement for your company, product, or cause. When a magazine is through it’s recycled but not a mommy blogger post! There is no better way to tap into the millions of mommy bloggers than choosing to go with a mommy blogger running a company that is hosting a Mommy Go Green Blog Tours?

Green and Clean Mom respects mommy bloggers and they’re time because Green & Clean Mom is a mommy! A few things upfront that you should know before deciding to purchase a Mommy Go Green Blog Tour Package:

  • Moms will not be asked to lie.
  • They will not be asked to review something if they don’t feel it fits their blog. They are always invited to the tour and have the opportunity to say yes or no.
  • They will not be asked to change a post because it is their blog and their content. However, if a claim is false or something is incorrect, please let us know and a blogger can make this change for you.

For package choices, costs and statistics please complete this contact form and I will be in touch with you shortly.  Please allow at least a one-week turnaround for a response (this usually is not the case).


Here is what the bloggers complete and the information that is given to them:

Here is the Green and Clean Mom Community and Exclusive Blog Tour Group:

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