Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers – Which Is Right For Your Baby?

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Pampers make some top-notch diapers compared to the competition. And you have probably seen them on your friend’s babies already. They are great at keeping your baby dry, comfortable, and able to move freely, but you have to choose the right diaper for active babies.

The two diapers most often used are Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers, and although they are quite similar, there are some big differences to be aware of. Things that affect comfort, dryness and mobility / movement. So, it’s better to be informed before buying or stockpiling diapers for your newborn’s first year.

That is why I want to make this as simple as possible for you. To help you avoid the mistakes that I made and make an easy and informed choice.

Below is a comparison of the two diapers, the main differences, the similarities and which ones I would use when. Of course, nobody knows your baby like you, so ultimately, you have to decide and change if it does not work out. But better more information than less, right?

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The Main Differences Between Swaddlers & Cruisers

Let me break down the main differences between Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers to help you decide.

When Pampers Swaddlers Are Better

swaddler wetness indicatorPampers Swaddlers are designed for younger babies but can be used for longer than the first few months. Pampers have packed in a whole bunch of great features in these disposable diapers specifically for this stage of your baby’s life. Here are the main reasons why they are great for newborns:

Wetness Indicator

Let’s face it. Most of the time a diaper is mostly going to hold pee. Lots of it. And knowing that your baby is wet, perhaps too wet, is the biggest worry when they are in their first few months.

This is where Pampers Swaddlers come to the rescue. They have a wetness indicator on the front of the diaper to tell you exactly when your baby is wet and ready to be changed.

Of course, it’s not like a thermometer, but by slowing changing to blue you can easily see how close you are to change-time just by looking at the wetness indicator.

Super (Blankie) Soft Materialswaddlers blanket soft material

Your newborn has very sensitive skin, and that is why Pampers has made an effort to use the softest material they could develop on the inside of the diaper. They call it “blankie soft” which gives you an indication of how comfy these diapers are. All you have to do is run your hands along with the material and you will see. Other diaper brands, meant for older babies (or cheaper diapers) will feel a lot different.

So, Pampers Swaddlers are definitely meant for newborns, but can also be used for slightly older (2 months or more) if you find your baby has sensitive skin. Or, you just want to make sure they have the most comfortable diapers around!

swaddler absorbant layerAbsorb Away Liner (To Keep Them Dry)

Because newborns are so very sensitive and diaper rash is something you will have to come to terms with. However, Pampers has also added a special liner to the Swaddlers to help move the moisture away from your baby’s delicate skin and into the absorbing gel where it belongs. The sooner the moisture leaves the baby’s skin the better. Less discomfort, less diaper rash, and a happier baby all around. For some of you, they may also last through for 12 hours, which means you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night, which is always a bonus!

Umbilical Cord – Newborn Notch

swaddlers umbilical notch

As you probably already know, your newborn comes into the world attached to the umbilical cord. Which, is quickly cut when they are born. But, it leaves a small stump that will slowly heal and drop off in the first few weeks. During that time, this piece of umbilical cord sticks out a bit and needs to be cared for. That is why the Swaddlers were designed to accommodate this stump and have a specific umbilical cord notch cut out of the front of the diaper. It helps the area heal faster and keeps your baby more comfortable.

Of course, some mothers just choose to fold down the diaper edge, but you can never be sure it is then sealed properly. And no one wants a leaky diaper, right?

Swaddlers Sizes

Typically, most parents use Pampers Swaddlers early on and then switch to Pampers Cruisers once their child reaches a few months old.

However, during this time your baby can grow a lot and the diaper size you need can and does vary a lot. That is why it is great that Pampers Swaddlers are available in sizes from 0-7 and even a larger one than that if your baby is over 10lbs. If you are unsure which size to get, just use the quick size calculator on the Pampers website.

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When Cruisers Are Better

The name says it all – Pampers Cruisers. Pampers has created these diapers for when your baby is out on the town. Well, crawling around at least – let’s just say you have an active baby. And that is when most parents usually choose to move to the Cruisers. As a daytime diaper for mobile babies that still keeps them super-dry.

So, why are Pampers Cruisers so great at keeping your now mobile baby dry?

Flexible Leg Cuffs (To Prevent Leaks)

cruisers flexible leg cuffYour baby is either crawling (anywhere from 7-10 months) or learning to walk. Their legs are constantly on the move. And this means lots of opportunities for leaks, right?

With Pampers Cruisers the goal is to stop that from happening. The flexible cuffs around your baby’s legs will stay in place no matter how much they move or what position they are in. How cool is that?

3-Way Fit – Moves With Your Baby

pampers cruisers 3-way fitAnother problem with all these huge and water-absorbing Pampers diapers is that they just can’t adjust when your child starts moving all over the place. Whether they are bending, moving their legs, sitting or any other acrobatics they love to do, baby diapers love to find a way to leak. Or, at the very least not stay in position.

Pampers Cruisers are designed to move with your baby via their three-way fit. They can adjust around the belly, the legs and around the bottom area too. That way, no matter what your baby decides to do today, you know they will not leave a trail on the floor!

So, once your child reaches a stage where they move around a lot, it’s time to invest in some Pampers Cruisers.

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Shared Features: Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers

Sure, Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers are quite different and intended for different ages and use, but they still share quite a lot of Pampers great features.

Absorbing Channels

pampers absorbing channelsIf you have ever seen or used baby diapers without these kinds of channels, then you will know that once the wetness accumulates, the diaper starts to have a very sad looking sag to it!

Pampers have overcome this problem by using channels of absorbing material instead of one big patch of it. That way, the wetness gets more evenly distributed and the diaper has a better chance of keeping it’s shape.

Stretchy Side Strips

pampers stretchy sidesNo matter how young of old your child is, they are going to move a bit. And both Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers have stretchy sides. Small strips that flex, to help the diaper move with them and offer a more comfortable fit.

Rather than the more fixed attachments, these ones mean that the diaper stays on and is better sealed for as long as they have it on. Always a good thing, right?

Which Pampers Is Right For Your Child?

It is hard to make the perfect choice for baby diapers, especially when comparing two great options like Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers.

Swaddlers are the diaper of choice for hospitals according to sales, so it makes sense that everyone loves them for newborn babies. They are super comfy, keep your baby dry and help you know when they need to be changed.

Most parents tend to swap out the Swaddlers for Pampers Cruisers after a few months. And sometimes use less expensive diapers for the night, as babies tend not to move as much then, and don’t require the more fancy Pampers Cruisers. But that choice is ultimately up to you.

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FAQ – Pampers Cruisers vs Swaddlers

What Size Do Pampers Cruisers Come In?

Pampers Cruisers come in five different sizes, starting at 3 and running all the way up to 7. The smallest size 3 is designed for babies around 16-28 lbs.

Are Pampers Cruisers Good for Overnight?

Pampers Cruisers are designed to lock moisture away in their absorption layer and have channels to help do that. In the majority of cases, these diapers will last your baby overnight.

What Age Are Pampers Cruisers For?

Pampers Cruisers are intended for more active babies so it depends on when your baby starts crawling. However, on average this is likely around the six month mark for most babies.