Best Pizza Peels – To Create Your Next Pizza Masterpiece

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I love pizza! And so does my family. But, getting the pizza in and out of the oven without creating a mess (or disaster) is a challenge. Especially if you are using a pizza stone or oven!

That is why I decided to go on the hunt for the best pizza peel on the market. Something that slides easily under the pizza, and then, brings it straight out – no fuss, no mess, and no pizza all over the floor!

Sure, a pizza paddle seem like simple things when you first look at them, but sometimes – the simplest things are the hardest to buy. Especially when you are after pizza perfection!

So, if you want the perfect pizza too, then follow me into the depths of the pizza world on the hunt for the best pizza peel!

What Should You Watch Out For

Most pizza peels (or paddles if you prefer) are very similar. But, if you want the perfect peel, there are a few things you have to watch out for.

Plate Size

This is you starting point because it depends on both the size of pizza you wish to make, and the size of the place you are going to put it.

The oven puts the main limit on the size of your pizza, but your pizza dreams are the other limit. You ideally want the peel to carry 90% or more of the pizza, especially when it’s raw and laden with toppings, so nothing falls off the sides!

So, first things first, grab a tape measure and see what kind of size you are aiming for, then keep that in mind when you do the rest of your research!

Handle Size

Once you have your peel main plate size sorted out, now you have to think about how big a handle you want (or is sold with the one you are thinking of). This is a question because it dictates how far into the oven you can push your pizza, and perhaps more importantly for us home chefs, how big of a pain it is to store this puppy!

Peel/Paddle Material

There are two materials all manufacturers seem to use. Each with their own advantages.

A peel is often made of wood. Which means that it is more natural than metal, but it needs to be thick enough and made well enough to survive the temperatures of the oven. It also means it needs nice thin tapered edges to easily get under the pizza to get it out. Getting it on, is also an issue, but many reviewers have suggested parchment paper, which I have also tried and it makes it a little easier to slide on. Another option is corn flour, but it’s always hit and miss in my experience. Just don’t put the paper in with the pizza.

Steel or alumium is the other main material. The big advantage here is that it can be flat and thin, but tends to stick more to the pizza (corn meal or paper comes in handy here, again). The other issue can be sharp edges, depending on the quality of the peel. Something to watch out for.

The Products Listed Below

I have selected a few of each main type – wood and metal, to give you a choice from some of the best paddles I have found on Amazon. There is no perfect paddle, and you will have to practice and learn (and fail) with your pizzas before you become a pro. But that is the cost of awesome pizza and perfection. Just ask any Italian restaurant owner!

Top Products

The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel. 14" Paddle

The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel. 14 inch Paddle with a Smooth Ceramic Coating, 10 inch Wood Handle. Large & Lightweight, Use this Metal Spatula for Baking Pizzas and Breads on Oven & Grill

I love The Ultimate Aluminum Pizza Peel for a bunch of reasons. It’s a great size, is made of ceramic-coated metal (so non-toxic), and has a nice-sized handle. The handles are angled down to make retrieval easier too!

It also has a backstop, which helps when you are over-enthusiastic in trying to slide the peel under the cooked pizza. It helps slide it onto the peel just right, so you can easily get it out.

Here is a quick list of most of them:

  • no harsh chemicals
  • dye & fragrance-free
  • sulfate-free
  • no GMOs

It’s also made using non-toxic chemicals and is hypoallergenic. So you know that sensitive skin is going to love this laundry detergent.

Of course, if you know Green Shield, you know they love to protect the environment too so this liquid is also septic system safe and uses 100% recyclable bottles made with sustainable sugar cane. What? I know. Manufacturers that also go the extra mile!


Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel

Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle

Another thin metal pizza peel that is easy to use and big enough to make family-sized pizzas. The long handle and wide plate are great if you have space in your oven for a big paddle.

The simple Aluminum material is long-lasting and makes working with pizzas easy. The handle is quite long, which is great if you have a deep oven, but not so great for people with less storage space.

Overall a handy option worth trying.


Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel (12 x 14 inch)

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle for Easy Storage, Pizza Spatula, Gourmet Luxury Pizza Paddle for Baking Homemade Pizza Bread (12 inch)

Sticking with the metal options, the Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel has a handy folding handle to help those that are struggling to imagine where they would put it. The flat, thin plate is yet another simple to use option for working with pizzas. And, easy to keep clean.

The only major downside in the design of this is that the handle does not fully fold 180 degrees, so it’s not 100% flat. However, it still gets it out of the way – given it is 24 inches when fully extended!


Pizza Royale Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel (19.6 Inch x 12 Inch)

Pizza Royale Ethically Sourced Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel, 19.6 Inch x 12 Inch

There are a lot of things to love about the Pizza Royale Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel. It’s ethically sourced bamboo, which is anti-microbial (something to think about with wood vs metal) and non-toxic.

The reviews are almost all great, with the only major downsides being that it is quite thick, so hard to retrieve the pizza – sometimes. However, it does hold up well under use, which some people say is rare for a wood peel.

The overall size is also something to be aware of, as it is a little on the small size, so may not suit anyone wanting a large pizza.


Epicurean Pizza Peel (21.5 x 14 Inch)

Epicurean Pizza Peel, 21-Inch by 14-Inch, Natural

The Epicurean Pizza Peel is one of the simplest pizza peels on this list, and maybe that is a good thing. It can be used double-sided, is temperature proof up to 350 F, dishwasher safe, and designed to hold up well.

There is not too much to say about the functionality of this paddle, but it is US-made, which is rare in this day and age!

The only major downside reviewers mention is that it has a strong chemical odor when new.


Frederica Trading Premium Bamboo Pizza Paddle (11.5 x 11.5 inches)

Frederica Trading Premium Bamboo Wooden Pizza Peel Paddle and Cutting Board with Handle (for Baking Pizza, Bread, Cutting Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese) - Personal Size

Another simple wooden paddle that will help make your smaller-sized pizzas easily. They have a slightly larger size than this one if you want to go bigger!

There is not too much to comment on this paddle, it’s wood, it peels pizzas! The only downside I have seen in reviews is that it has a large