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SodaStream Comparison: Fizzi, Aqua Fizz, One Touch, Jet, Power & Source

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If you want to reduce your carbon footprint or just the amount of plastic recycling or garbage you produce, now is the time to invest in a SodaStream.

Not only will this help the environment, but you will also save your back and a little money too! No more schlepping around dozens of bottles of water every week. This baby is a lifesaver.

Sodastream Fizzi vs One Touch

There are two big differences between the Fizzi and the One Touch.

1. The One Touch is powered and the Fizzi is not

2. The One Touch has 3 presets vs the Fizzi which has one button you press.

Sodastream Fizzi vs Fountain Jet

The main difference between the Sodastream Fizzi and the Fountain Jet is the design.

Sodastream Fizzi vs Source

The big difference between the Fizzi and the Source is that the Source has a level indicator.

The Differences To Watch Out For

The challenge for most of us though is in choosing the right SodaStream mode. They have so many, and it all seems very confusing. Well, it is. Most of them are pretty similar, but there are a few key differences.

Powered Or Non-Powered

The first biggie in my opinion is powered vs non-powered. Most of the SodaStreams run purely on the power/energy stored within the gas canister. There is no need for power, so why add any? However, some models come with a few bells and whistles, which then require power.

Not a huge problem, but if you want to use this on the go, or in a location where power is a challenge…then be on the lookout for the models that are standalone (I will spell it out in the table below).

sodastream One Touch - 3-carbonations
SodaStream One Touch – 3-carbonations

Choose Your Own Carbonation

A little like the old “choose your own adventure” books I had when I was a kid (am I giving away my age?) the SodaStream is great because it allows you to choose your own carbonation. Yay!

However, most of them just use a simple button that you either push a few times or for various amounts of time, to get the carbonation you want. This means you will have to experiment a little to get it right. Or, you can buy the One Touch or older model Power which has three presets which give you a, yes you guessed it, preset amount of carbonation. (Note: this is one of the powered models)

Of the older models (some are still available on Amazon) the Source also has an LED indicator to show how much carbonation you have added. It does not have the 3 presets like the One Touch, but it’s a nice addition.

glass carafe sodastream
Glass carafe SodaStream

Glass or Plastic Bottle

Almost all of the SodaStreams come with a 1L (33.8 oz) plastic bottle. However, if you fancy taking it to a more stylish and tasty level – the Aqua Fizz model comes with a glass carafe (fancy word for a glass bottle) that is very similar to the plastic ones, just in glass.

Personally, I prefer drinking from glass whenever I can (wine, beer, water, whatever) but you have to decide if the extra price is worth it for you!

Although I have not tried it, you can possibly use these glass bottles in other models anyway. Let me know if you have experience with this.

Older vs Newer Models

Below in the comparison table, I have listed the newest 3 models at the top, and the older ones below. Strangely, all the older ones are available on Amazon, but the newer Aqua Fizz is not. Go figure!


Some of the SodaStreams are a lot more expensive than others. Of course, if you take the ones with the preset carbonation buttons, they cost more. Makes sense. It’s more complicated to make.

The others, you seem to get what you pay for. The lower cost ones are great for trying it out, and maybe they last a while, but they are more cheaply made (the Fizz & the Jet).

SodaStream Comparison Table

Name ImagePoweredBottlesCarbonation

SodaStream Fizzi

See on Amazon

NoPlasticPress Yourself

SodaStream Aqua Fizz

NoGlassPress Yourself

SodaStream One Touch

See on Amazon
YesPlastic3 Presets

SodaStream Source

See on Amazon
NoPlastic3 Level Indicator

SodaStream Fountain Jet

See on Amazon
NoPlasticPress Yourself

SodaStream Power

See on Amazon
YesPlasticPress Yourself

Lastly, a quick video (with cheesy voice over!) to show you how these things work.