A few weeks ago the kids had spirit day at school and my kids loved getting into the blue and white spirit of homecoming and cheeringSpirit day with Piggy Paint on the football team. I remember these days fondly and love how my kids are experiencing this excitement. We were lucky to have been sent some new Piggy Paint nail polish colors, which came in handy for painting our nails none other than our school colors…blue and white!

I’ve loved Piggy Paint for quiet sometime, in fact for my daughters 5th birthday (almost two years ago) we celebrated at a salon and I brought my own Piggy Paint colors and each little girl picked two colors to take home with them (not sponsored, I paid for it all on my own). The parents were so excited to learn about a safe nail polish for little girls.

Here is what I personally love about Piggy Paint:

Low odor – nobody likes their house to smell like nail polish and with my daughter having asthma she is very sensitive to the fumes.

Non-toxic – no nasty chemicals and ingredients, which is a plus in my book!

Hypoallergenic – I don’t worry when my daughter has friends over about them being allergic or having a reaction if it comes in contact with their skin. And it almost always comes in contact with their skin…unless of course you use Nail Cones, which rock!

My daughter and I both also love how the colors are fun and there are many to choose from. The paint dries hard and it doesn’t come off in just one day…unless they pick it off like my daughter does! I’ve always bought Piggy Paint online but to find a local retailer near you click here. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter, so reach out and say hello to them for me!

Have you tried Piggy Paint? If so share your thoughts with me!

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