Safe and Non-Toxic Nail Polish For Kids

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Little girls these days are growing up so fast. As young as a toddler, they are being introduced to adult stuff like beauty and makeover. They often see it from their family members or probably imitated from social media and television shows. Aside from facial cosmetics, the most popular item used by kids is nail polish. For some reason, they want to put some color on to their tiny nails and walk around showing off their manicured hands. Of course, ordinary nail polish for adults cannot be used on children because of their chemical content. It is both a decision and responsibility to choose the right nail polish for kids and you must be aware of what to look out for.

Things To Consider

Odor Level

We all know that ordinary nail polish has a certain strong smell that can last even after drying. With kids who are extremely sensitive to smell, it is important to get the ones that are odorless or at least has low odor. Certain fragrances might trigger an asthma attack, breathing problems, or irritation.

Liquid Ingredients

The liquid polish itself is made of chemicals. Depending on the other features such as color, texture, thickness, or how diluted it is, there are ingredients added to make it be like that. Here is where the safety and toxicity will come in. Liquids can easily be ingested. Nail polish can accidentally be ingested especially since it is put on the hands. Smaller kids might suck on their fingers and swallow some of the nail polish. It is for this reason that the ingredients must be non-toxic. Aside from accidental ingestion, another thing to watch out is if the polish will not cause any allergies or skin irritation on your child’s hands.

Quick Drying

Aside from the nail polish being non-toxic, it would also help if the nail polish for kids is quick to dry. Children who always play around might put some of the nail polish on their clothes or different parts of the house and all over their body. Little children who are used to putting their hands in their mouths are prone to ingesting the polish if it won’t dry fast enough.

Removal Process

When you want to remove ordinary polish, you use another chemical to wipe it off. For children’s nail polish, you must choose something that is easily removed without having to use polish remover or acetone. There are ones that are easy to peel off, can be washable with water, or simply wiped off. In this way, you can always get your kids to have their nails manicured without having to worry about how long it will stay on their hands.

Child’s Age Capacity

As with any item for kids, age limit is still very important. Depending on the ingredients, most nail polish bottles are made for children ages 3 years old and above. It is at this stage where they learn how to socialize, learn from other people, and imitate what they see on TV or social media. But of course, age doesn’t matter when it comes to the behavior of your own child. There are older kids who are more prone to dangers than others. As parents, it is you who knows and understands their capacity.

If you already know the things to watch out for, here is a list of some of the safe and non-toxic nail polish for kids you can choose from.