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Want to join the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour by Green & Clean Mom, LLC? How do you know this is the right fit for you and your blog and what exactly is a tour?  For all companies, click here. Bloggers, read on…

Mommy Go Green Blog Tours are hosted by companies that are clients of Green and Clean Mom, LLC. Clients chose a package that best fits the needs of their company and they work with Green and Clean Mom, LLC to decide what it is they are trying to accomplish with a blog tour and what results they would like to see. Green and Clean Mom then selects the appropriate number of bloggers from those signed up to participate and invites them to participate in the hosted Mommy Go Green Blog Tour. There could be a new blog tour every week or one a month. It depends on client demand. If you find that the tour fits your blog and would be a good fit, you accept and blog about the company or product within a set schedule (usually a one week time frame). Each tour is different but all will have URL’s provided for you and images. You’re encouraged to be creative and genuine because this is word of mouth marketing and companies don’t want an ad, they want you to tell other moms what your experience and thoughts were.

So is this for you? Ask yourself this:

1. You would like to review green, sustainable, earth friendly products on your blog.

2. You would like to giveaway green, sustainable, earth friendly products on your blog, if possible.

3. You can write a post under a deadline.

4. You will remain in control of choosing which products and companies to review and are never obligated to participate. For each blog tour you will get an invitation and either accept or decline it, in a timely fashion. Accepting it does not guarantee you will be part of the blog tour. Each blog tour is different to meet the needs of the Green and Clean Mom, LLC client. However, I look out for my own and that would be, Mommy Bloggers!

5. You have a privacy policy, disclosure policy and rules for how giveaways and contests are run on your blog.

6. You can write a fair, honest and balanced post. If you cannot right a favorable review you will be asked to not participate in that particular blog tour. Negative posts are discouraged and are not compensated or deemed part of the tour. Feel free to have a voice but if you cannot be fair, honest or balanced you should bow out of the tour and post your opinion at your own free will but it won’t be associated with the hosted blog tour.

7. You like the idea of moms having a voice and being part of word of marketing to spread the message about green, sustainable earth friendly products, companies, organizations and causes.

8. You value your time and so does Green & Clean Mom. You will be compensated for your time with either a free product for the review, possibly a product to giveaway on your blog OR a $20 Buy Green Gift Certificate or other gift card or e-certificate of equal value.

8. You are a U.S. Resident or Canada Resident (Please notify me if you are a Canada Resident)

If you believe that the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour is a good fit for you and your blog and you meet the above criteria listed above, please complete the following form*:

*By completing this form you understand and agree that your information could be given to Green and Clean Mom, LLC clients for the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour. Green and Clean Mom, LLC does not sell information and respects your privacy but will not be responsible for third party terms or privacy policies.

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