Best BPA-Free Sippy Cups

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Sippy cup! Sippy cup! Oh, where is my sippy cup!?! Taking all of my daughters’ “usual” sippy cups away (bad plastic—evil BPA) and replacing them with this sampler pack of cups that I purchased and some great free ones, per request for this review, left her a little confused. It was for her own good though. Seeing that she could not actually tell me about the different cups my four-year-old son and I filled each of the sippy cups with water and tried all of them. Then we shook them silly to see which ones leaked water (that was the part they enjoyed the most).

Over the last few weeks, I’ve washed them, watched the kids drink from them, and sometimes would offer two and see which one my daughter would grab. I wanted to give the cups a real test!

For each review, you will see the cup description and company as well as a picture of the cup. All of these cups can be purchased at various places, including the company direct websites but I’m going to recommend the Green & Clean Mom Store. The reason being, I hope you pick up some other BPA-free items along the way! The cups were rated from 1-5 with 1 being okay and 5 being super! Under each of the ratings, I have good and bad points that I discovered through the review.

The cups were scored based on leaking, how easy she accepted the cup, her preference, cleaning, parts, and cost. All of them are considered safe and non-toxic so no need to rate that! Phew!!! Oh, and this is just my opinion and findings, you might have a different experience but here it goes…

Top Products

One 7oz Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy

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Costs a little bit more but it keeps the drinks colder and safer and the price for the straw bottle and the 9oz are the same price at the Soft Landing!


Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

Munchkin® Miracle® 360 Toddler Sippy Cup, Spill Proof, 10 Ounce, 2 Pack, Green/Blue

A favorite amongst Moms, this sippy comes in two forms, either with or without holding arms. So, you can choose the version depending on how developed your child is in holding objects. Help them out, or make them feel grown-up, you choose!


Foogo Stainless Steel Leak Proof Straw Drink Bottle

Thermos Foogo Vacuum Insulated Straw 10 oz Bottle, Blue (BS535BL003)

Foogo’s Stainless Steel BPA free bottle is a great option for toddlers if you want to keep the drinks hot or cold. It has a 10 oz capacity, so is enough for most situations too.


One 9oz Think Baby Training Cup

Thinkbaby Stainless Steel Sippy Cup, Orange (9 ounce)

A great option for getting a baby or child onto sippy cups. And of course it is BPA free.


One 9oz Fluid Sippy Cup by Boon

Boon Fluid Sippy Cup, Teal/Yellow, 10 Ounce

An easy to hold option for a BPS sippy cup. It is also something you can throw in the dishwasher which is a bonus.


One 10oz Nuby Sport Sipper

Nuby Plastic No-Spill Sport Sipper, 10 Ounce Colors May Vary

Another 10oz option for a BPA free sippy cup. It’s also super easy to clean which is something I love to hear when I am buying something for the kids.


9oz Born Free Drinking Cup

This sippy cup is a little smaller at 9oz, but more than enough for sure. It has two easy to use handles on the side, which are great for younger children.


Safe Sippy

Kid Basix Safe Sippy, Stainless Steel Cup for Babies/Toddlers, Round Spout, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, 11 OZ. Travel/School/Play Pink

The Safe Sippy really has a sleek, slim, and nice design. I love it, actually. It’s lightweight and very easy to fit in my small diaper bag. I use it daily, just outside.

If it didn’t leak, I might give it a Green & Clean Mom approval but unless I try the new valve and can tell you it doesn’t leak like crazy, I just can’t recommend you spend your money on this. You’ll be mopping the floor like crazy if you do. I love the companies mission statement and what they’re doing but it has to not leak for me to say, buy this BPA-free cup.