4 Healthy Summertime Grilling Tips

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We love to grill! Grilling is fast, easy and there are so many healthy ways to make your spring and summertime BBQ delicious.  With your grill cleaned and your utensils handy you’ll be ready to grill at a moments notice.

Here are 4 healthy summertime tips for the grill:

Steam Veggies. Using aluminum foil and melted butter cut your veggies into slices and then wrap them up in the foil leaving a little tent so that the air can flow. The heat from the grill creates a little convection current and steams your veggies. We also do this when camping! We also use a vegetable grilling basket that comes in handy and gives our vegetables a more grilled smoked flavor.

Grilled Fruit! Add some flavor to your summertime meal with grilled pineapple, a perfect complement o a salad, steak or chicken dinner. On a skewer you’ll dress up the dinner plate too!

Get Fishy. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and when cooked on the grill its tender and tasty – yummy! If you’re a fisherman you’ll feel good about cooking what you eat but beware fillets can be crumbly so use foil like with the veggies. Fish can cook fast so keep an eye on the grill and with your steamed vegetables you have a healthy and tasty meal!

Bye-Bye Fat. Trim the excess fat of your chicken and meat. The butcher can do this for you but if you’re eating a steak the marbled fat within the meat is okay. Also ask the butcher what meat is best for grilling, they’re the experts!  Without all the fat you’re eating healthier but also the fat dripping into the grill causes the nasty smoke and char that’s not so healthy.

The grill makes busy soccer nights easier. It’s fast and easy but for other quick meal tips and ideas check out menu planning central.

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