7 Items that Make Excellent Fire Starters

9 Fire Starters To Help Get Your Camp Fire Started Fast

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One of the biggest challenges you face when camping is getting the camp fire started. Getting a strong fire going is not only a great way to get your food cooked, but can provide evening light and ambiance as well as repel pests. If you seem to struggle when starting your own campfire, the perfect fire starter can make all of the difference. Take a look below at 7 items that make excellent fire starters so you can get your fire going in no time.

pine cones

1. Pine Cones

If you live among an abundance of pine cones, collect some before heading out to your campsite. If you have a friend who has some on their property, see if you can gather some as well. Pine cones are nice and dry and their small size makes them perfect for tossing into the fire. They will help get it burning nicely and you will even hear some of that nice crackling.

2. Pine Needles

Similarly to pine cones, dried pine needles can make a great base for starting a fire, especially if you are lacking paper or any other light tinder to get your fire going. Just be careful to collect the stuff on the top, and not the wetter or rotting stuff underneath the top layer. This will make sure your fire starts and does not smoulder due to the wetness of the rotting needles.

3. Dry Leaves

Dry leaves make excellent fire starters. You can gather some to take with your prior to going. Just tuck them under and around your kindling before lighting. Their dryness will help the fire burn and take off quickly, and you can add more dry leaves as needed while the fire burns.

4. Dry Grass

If you live in an area that is dry enough you can take a bundle of grass and make a loose ball of it. Or several if you have enough grass. Then place them below your wood, with enough space for air of course (so don’t weight it down with the wood) and light them all at once.

dryer sheets

5. Dryer Sheets

Used dryer sheets make excellent fire starters since they are nice and dry as well as thin. They will take off quickly and burn fast, so weave them in and around the kindling for best results. As an added bonus, if it is a scented dryer sheet it may actually help your fire smell amazing.

6. Dryer Lint

Dryer lint is a fast burning product and can get any fire going fast. Tuck wads of dryer lint in and around your kindling and you will be amazed at how fast it burns. It is a great way to get those fires going fast without even having to spend an extra dime. Just take the dryer lint from the trap and save it prior to your camp out.

candle wax

7. Candle Wax

Candle wax is an excellent product for getting your fire burning fast. You can pour wet candle wax directly on your kindling before burning. Or, you can place entire candle bits and pieces on top of the fire wood. Both are great ways to get the fire logs coated in wax so they burn quickly.

8. Bacon Grease

Prior to your trip you can save bacon grease in a jar, which can then be poured or spooned onto wood logs and kindling to get the fire blazing. Grease of course catches quickly and will help the fire get off to a strong start. Always take caution when using grease, as it does burn hot and fast.

9. Toilet paper tubes

Save your toilet paper tubes prior to your camp out as they make great kindling too. You can stuff the tubes with newspaper or even dryer lint or paper scraps, and have the perfect fire starter ready to go. Just toss it in the fire and light it and the cardboard as well as any inside materials will burn nicely.

Are you ready to see your campfire roaring? Give these tips for excellent fire starters a try so you can start your fires without a whole lot of hassle.

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