My daughter is 21 months and she’s climbing out her crib. Why? Why can’t she just stay in her crib until she is three like her brother? He never tried to climb out. He was happy in his crib. Not my little girl. She wakes up and out she climbs. All times of the night, too! I’m dreading the move to the “big girl” bed. For a few reasons…

She’s not a baby anymore but really she is. I’m probably not having anymore babies so why does she have to grow up so quickly?

I’ll have to probably sleep in her room with her for awhile.

I have to try to find a big girl bed that is safe and a non-toxic organic mattress and bedding.

Okay, so now I have to get over my dreaded fears and get onto shopping. I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there looking for safe bedding, so maybe I can help. Since I’m researching and reading anyhow I might as well share with you what I’ve found. Like the organic mattress for starters. I know I want an organic mattress. My daughter has asthma and I want to be as safe and non-toxic as possible. I went to my local furniture store and I got a funny look and was told they don’t make organic mattresses but they sell chemical free mattresses.

I started to argue. Walk away Sommer, walk away.

Online I have found two different organic mattresses I am  considering from Oscar and Belle.  They also offer an organic crib mattress.

These are the beds I am trying to decide between:

White Beadboard Twin Daybed – Twin Daybed (White) 80

Kids Wrought Iron Bed – Twin Bed (Antique White) 78 x 39

Kids Antique White Jenny Lind Spindle Bed – Twin Bed (Antique White) 82 x 42

I’ll write more on this in detail soon but I’m also freaking out about flame retardants coating my babies matress.  Jessica from Green Phone Booth (previously Surely You Nest) told me about her experience with Ikea and her so called $900 eco-mattress that really is coated with flame retardants. It would be like buying the baby carrots washed in bleach, I’d feel angry and annoyed but out a lot more money then a bag of orange bleached baby carrots!  When we were in D.C. Jennifer, from The Smart Mama (trust me she is smart), tested toys for lead with her nifty XRF Analyzer but she also tested a hotel mattress. Flame retardants were found and the level wasn’t low! Gasp! So not only do I want a organic mattress but I don’t want to find out later that I purchased a mattress for some big dollars and it is coated in chemicals. I wish I had a XRF Analyzer!

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