How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears Naturally

Clean Your Dog’s Ears Naturally with Vinegar

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Grooming a Great Dane, it’s not for the faint of hearts. Most of the time, we pay for our dog, Ellie, to be groomed. It’s easier, saves me time and it’s not as messy. With Ellie being so large, a bath is a huge ordeal and often leads to water everywhere when she shakes off.

The one thing I always do on my own though, clean her ears. All dogs get dirty ears and if they’re not cleaned regularly, they start to itch and smell. According to the ASPCA, it’s important to clean your dog’s ears regularly. I can usually tell that Ellie needs to have her ears cleaned because she starts to itch at them. This is when I pull out the Four Monks Vinegar and grab a clean wash cloth.

Yes, vinegar. It’s what I’ve used for years and with all of my dogs. My St. Bernard’s were the worst because they liked to roll around in the dirt and always had dirt in their ears!

A dog’s inner ear is very delicate and sensitive, which is why I like to use Four Monks Vinegar, a clean wash cloth and warm water. It’s natural, aroma controlled (my dog doesn’t go running away because of the smell) and inexpensive. No need to buy the expensive ear cleaners sold at pet stores, vinegar and warm water works just as well.

To clean my dog’s ears, here’s what I do and it literally takes just a few minutes and she’s so happy afterwards. No more itching. (If you haven’t been shown by your vet how to clean your dog’s ears, I highly suggest having your vet show you, just to be safe.)

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears Naturally with Four Monks Vinegar

  1. Use a clean wash cloth and wet with warm water (not hot water).
  2. Dab the wet, warm wash cloth with Four Monks Vinegar.
  3. Wipe the dog’s inner ear, gently.
  4. Do this for each ear.

If your furry friend has very dirty ears, you could make a solution of 50/50 warm water and vinegar and use cotton balls. I’ve found over the years, the cotton balls are messier. I like to just use the wet washcloth and dab with vinegar. I feel like I have more control and can wipe the ear better. That’s just me and what I find works best. Some people like to even use cotton swabs. Whatever you use, never insert anything into a dog’s ear canal. And if you’re concerned your dog has an ear infection because of oozing or odor, see a veterinarian.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears Naturally with Four Monks Vinegar

Other ways I use Four Monks Vinegar for my pet:

  • When bathing my dog, I rinse her with the vinegar.
  • After washing her bedding, I make sure I use vinegar for fabric softener to rinse all of the laundry soap out of her bedding to prevent static and irritation.
  • Any pet accidents are cleaned with corn starch and Four Monks Vinegar. Read the how-to here to help clean up pet accidents and eliminate odor.

Disclaimer: Four Monks Vinegar has provided me with product samples. I am compensated for my time. My opinions are my own.

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