natural sleepy time remedies for kids

Most children resist bedtime. They fight it with everything they have making excuses for needing a glass of water, seeing a shadow, hearing a noise, having a tummy ache, needing to use the bathroom and the millions of other countless excuses to NOT sleep.

I commonly hear: “Mom, I’m not tired!”


“Mom, I don’t want to go to bed, 10 more minutes!”

Yes, 10 minutes that will quickly turn into 30 minutes. I put the kids to bed at 8 p.m. and they’ll finally be to sleep at what 9 p.m. because of the ups and downs, excuses and non-stop resistance.Natural Sleepy Time for Kids Seeing that I have sleepy time issues I can relate to their having issues shutting down – it isn’t easy!

Is this your house? Can you relate to the bedtime issues with the kids?

Today at my acupuncture appointment I received some excellent advice – to make a homemade sleepy time spray. During my acupuncture treatment Helen often sprays aromatherapy sprays and they seem to work, I feel relaxed, calm or whatever it is I’m supposed to be feeling. I like them.

So I asked how I can make one to help my children calm down for sleep.

Simple, lavender essential oil mixed with rubbing alcohol.

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Yes, that is it.

  • Mix one small spray bottle with 5-15 drops of lavender essential oil (pure and organic is preferred).
  • Mix with rubbing alcohol, dilute if you desire but it is was not recommended.

I was told the rubbing alcohol will dissipate when you spray the mix and only the lavender scent will remain. The rubbing alcohol acts as a preservative so that the spray mix lasts.

We tried this at our house and it really is calming. However, when you share the news with your kids they act the opposite of everything you say. They get goofy. They act silly and pretend to magically sleep.

When the goofy stuff wears off, they really do rest easy. They calmed. We all calmed.

My advice –make it habit and spray on their pillow or pajamas without telling them. The more you make it a “big deal” the sillier they act and even though it works, they’ll act like it won’t!




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  1. Have you tried vodka or everclear instead of rubbing alcohol? It often is nice because it has less of a smell than rubbing alcohol.


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