5 Ways to Use Vitamin E

Five Ways to Use Vitamin E Oil for Skin Care

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Vitamin E is like liquid gold. Growing up, my great grandmother Gertrude would break open a vitamin E capsule for dry patches, hangnails, scars and so much more. The little gold capsules were her go-to miracle cure.

Vitamin E is a known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. A little goes a long ways with this thick golden oil. It’s often found in beauty lotions, hair care products and lip care products. This vitamin is naturally found in sunflower seeds, almonds, mango and tomatoes, just to name a few.

I use liquid Vitamin E as a natural beauty product. Here are a just a few ways I use a drop or two of Vitamin E on a daily basis.

Acne scars.

Vitamin E for Acne Scars

After a breakout, I immediately use Vitamin E to help prevent any scaring and promote healing. It kind of reminds me of how miraculous creams and lotions with Edelweiss can be in winter in helping dry skin.

Heal Scar Tissue

Other Scar Tissue

If you, or anyone you know has had a big cut or operation, you know how hard it can be to heal a scar. Adding a regular amount of vitamin E to your scar while it is healing (and perhaps even afterwards) can really help. Just make sure you do it regularly and you will see results as the wound or scar heals over time.

Nail Cuticles and Dry Lips.

itamin E for Nail Cuticles and Dry Lips

Before bed, I use a drop and gently massage the oil into my cuticles and finish with adding any remaining oil onto my lips. I do not waste the liquid gold and remember a little goes a long ways.

Shaving Accidents.

Vitamin E for scars and shaving nicks and accidents

If I cut myself shaving (I always do), I immediately use a little Vitamin E oil to promote the healing and prevent a white scar from appearing on my legs.

Dry Ends.

Vitamin E for Dry Ends and Over Styling

Daily styling dries out my hair. To keep it looking nice, once a week after my shower I rub a few drops into the palm of my hands and into the ends of my hair. This is a great hair moisturizer and should be done on a regular basis to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Other Hair Ideas

Vitamin E is great for split or dry ends, but also generally stimulating hair growth. It is also great for healing the scalp so helps your hair and it’s home in general become more healthy with time. This is obviously a good thing, so find a way to get it onto your scalp for a longer period. You can use gels or other oils in combination to help with the application, whether it be Olive oil or Argan oil, both are a great idea.

Callous heels.

Vitamin E for dry and dehydrated skin

My heels get very dry in the summer from wearing flip-flops and no socks. After using a pumice stone in the shower, I use just a drop or two before bed and it makes all the difference.

General Skin Treatment

Vitamin E as an antioxidant and growth stimulant is always great for your skin. So any areas that need a little love are worth treating. Wether it is those tough elbows from learning on your desk for too long, or other areas of your body you just don’t treat like you should. They all could do with a little more Vitamin E.

I also love using Vitamin E cream. This is great for traveling or for using on my elbows or legs after shaving. It’s much thicker and less greasy. If you want to learn more about Vitamin E, check out this FAQ page with lots of information.

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