Healthy and Low Calorie Cookie Recipes

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Tis the season for holiday cookies and baking! I’ve been baking, sprinkling, frosting, whipping and yes, eating holiday cookies! Not so good for my waistline! This is why I’m on a mission to find healthier or low-calorie cookies to make for the rest of the season because I’m not done baking. The trick will be to enjoy in moderation, regardless of how healthy or low calorie the cookie or treat may be!

  1. Eating Well has 25 irresistible cookies that are 100 calories or less. Personally, I’m thinking the boot track cookies look delicious!
  2. One of my favorite sites, Delish has 13 healthy Christmas cookies and I’m digging the chocolate, coconut and almond meringue cookie. I’m going to have get supplies for this cookie!
  3. Self Magazine has 10 what they call; guilt free cookie recipes for the holiday season and the chocolate rice crispies look mouthwatering to me!
  4. Chocolate Covered Katie (super adorable blog) has a healthy version of a sugar cookie that can be used year around! My kids love sugar cookies so I’ll have to give this recipe a whirl!
  5. Skinny Taste offers a healthy cookie recipe that only takes 3 ingredients! Yes, 3 ingredients and your kids can help you too! Yummy!

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Do you have a favorite holiday cookie recipe that you’ve made healthier? If so share the link in the comment section, I would love to give it a try!

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