Canned cranberries…not for me! My husband loves cranberry sauce for the holiday dinners and when I walk by the canned cranberries I wonder if people know how easy it is to make their own homemade cranberry sauce. The bonus is you can choose to use organic sugar and make the cranberry sauce as lumpy or smooth as you want. Plus, it tastes SO much better! Here is how you make your very own homemade cranberry sauce and my preference is to use organic sugar and serve a bit lumpy and chilled! Yum! I like to serve it with just about any type of meat and if you use it on your leftover turkey it is beyond mouthwatering!

How to make cranberry sauce. #homemade

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  1. Guilty! I had no idea how easy it is to make your own! By the time I head to the grocer
    to buy all the Thanksgiving supplies I’m in a hurry and stressed and just grab a couple cans. Thanks Sommer for catching me before we start our shopping. This is great!


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