The George Foreman Contact Roaster Review

The Magic of 360 Degree Cooking George Foreman Style

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I’m not one to have 100 appliances stuffed away in a closet. I like to have a kitchen counter that’s neat and tidy and if I have an appliance, I want to use it. I want to use it often, like my crock pot. When the George Foreman™ Contact Roaster arrived for me to review, I was skeptical. I wondered if I’d use the appliance.

The answer is a big YES. And I’m not just saying that.  The George Foreman™ Contact Roaster might be my new favorite appliance. Seriously and here is why.

The George Foreman Contact Roaster Review

  • The meat turns out SO juicy because the roaster cooks from all sides, in its own juices. The chicken I cooked tonight was so moist. My daughter, who ordinarily doesn’t favor my chicken, was gobbling it right up and asking for seconds.
  • My oven takes forever to heat up and it’s electric. This small little appliance cooked our dinner for four, tonight and it only took a few minutes to heat up and my kitchen didn’t turn into an inferno.
  • There’s less preheating, which means dinner is done faster. The chicken cutlets that I made tonight only took 20 minutes. I boiled the corn, peeled the mandarin oranges, did a few dishes and bam, the chicken was done.
  • The roaster is also for baking. Hello, dual purpose! The George Foreman™ Contact Roaster comes with a baking pan for breads and cakes. I have yet to use this feature because I love the roaster for tender pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, pork chops and steak strips for stir fry. I’m thinking of trying this feature out on corn bread when I make chili this fall. You’ll have to follow me on Instagram to see how that turns out!
  • The meat fat drains into a little drip pan. Less fat is healthier. Who doesn’t love that?
  • It’s super simple to clean. After I unplug it and gently scrape any meat pieces or fat into the drip pan, I put a soapy, wet dish cloth in the roaster. I let it set for 15 minutes and then wipe it clean. So, so easy.

How to Easily Clean the George Foreman Contact Roaster

The George Foreman™ contact roaster is less than $100 and is perfect for making health meals this school year. It’s also great for anyone who thinks they cannot cook because the cookbook that it comes with has several easy recipes. Anyone can use this roaster to make a delicious meal, it’s so simple. I’d buy this for a house warming gift, wedding gift, someone’s first apartment gift or a retired couple. I’m even thinking it will come in handy for camping!

Disclaimer: I’m a Spectrum Brand Ambassador and I’m compensated for my time. I was sent this product to review. My opinions are my own.

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