Tiny Tush Elite Mini Pocket Diapers Review

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Do you ever look back on your parenting and the choices you made and wish you could change them? I do. While I believe I’m a good parent there are choices I made when my daughter was younger that I wish I would have done differently; one of those choices would have been my choice in diapering.

I hopped on the “green” ban wagon a little late in the game. I wasn’t knowledgeable enough of about the options available to me at the time. While I chose “green” bath products for my daughter I opted for disposable diapers and regret that decision. I regret that decision for several reasons. It would have been more environmentally friendly, cost effective and healthier for my daughter had I used cloth diapers but I was still half way on the wagon at that point in time.

Do Parents Have Options With Diapers?

I have spent time researching options and now and more knowledgeable in my life choices. There are great resources available to parents in areas such as cloth diapers, breast pumps and baby care products. And some of them even have great environmentally friendly options like Tiny Tush, a product you may not have heard of. It’s a cloth diaper that I was lucky enough to review recently, and I was quite impressed with what I found.

Since I no longer have a child in diapers I called on a friend. My friend has used cloth diapers for over three years so I consider her a pro in the diaper business. My girl friend does not use the Tiny Tush brand so I was curious to see how she compared the product she has been using to Tiny Tush.

Tiny Tush Elite Mini Pocket Diapers, Aplix Lots of Dots

Tiny Tush Look Great

I was sent me an adorable red, white and blue cloth diaper which my friend thought was cute too. That’s a thumbs up already since we all know that we want are babe’s to look adorable. They have lots of color and pattern options, which is ideal when you want to just let your baby roll around in a diaper and not have to dress them for the day. Great for stay at home moms!

Tiny Tush Other Features

Of course, when it comes to diapers, we are not just talking about looks, they have to be functional as well, right?

Tiny Tush Elite Mini Pocket Diapers, Aplix Lots of Dots

Leak Free

Not only was the diaper adorable but she liked the fact that the diaper didn’t leak was another winner for me. After all, how many times have you had a diaper leak all over the floor and your child and spent hours cleaning up afterwards?

I don’t even want to remember those days I can tell you. But they happen. And, if you can avoid them, then the diaper is a great product in my eyes (my friend agreed).

Tiny Tush Elite Mini Pocket Diapers, Aplix Lots of Dots

Easy To Fasten & One Size

Getting your little one into the diaper as fast and securely as possible is super important as we all know. The snaps have to be easy to use and hold. The snaps on the Tiny Tush were durable and easy to use, so thumbs up there.

This is also a one-size fits all diaper which means no fussing with getting the right size for your child (having to send back the wrong ones, or keep them and waste your money).

Easy To Wash & Comes With Liners

Of course, you are always washing when using cloth diapers so it’s another bonus that Tiny Tush has included two liners. Making them super user-friendly and durable. These should last as long as your baby can fit in them, or needs something more flexible for when they start crawling or walking (I used Pampers, but wish I had not in the end).

My friend has never used Tiny Tush but gave it her motherly stamp of approval.

Tiny Tush diapers are easy to launder, simply wash the diaper for a normal or extended cycle using the pre-wash setting and dry on normal heat. Tiny Tush diapers are eco-friendly, adorable, cost effective and a healthier option for your family and baby.

What more could you want?

You can grab them on Amazon via the link below.

See Tiny Tush on Amazon

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  1. I would like to try the Tiny Tush in the Bots print. I would also like to try the Deluxe Organic Wipes.
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    I would like to try the tiny tush in the bella print! Thanks for the giveaway!
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