Top 5 Websites for Healthy and Organic Recipes for Kids

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Moms strive to cook healthy and want the best for their kids. Though we are all guilty (even if we don’t publicly admit it) of making fast choices that aren’t so healthy some days! All we can do is our best and not beat ourselves up but to help you make healthy good choices for your kids I’ve chosen five of my favorite sites for organic and healthy recipes that kids are sure to love!

Kiwi Online Magazine:  Healthy, easy and yummy recipes! From organic ingredients to fun ways to present the food so children will gobble it up, Kiwi has it going on!

Organic Valley: A perfect site for a variety of recipes that the kids and entire family will enjoy. Try new things with your children and have them rate the recipes so next time you’ll know if you should cook that dish again!

Easy Peasy Organic: A site I recently discovered and have fallen in love with. The photos are charming and the food is just that, easy peasy! Oh and delicious!

Earth Bound Farms: A site that is busting at the seams with tips, recipes, coupons and they even have an excellent cookbook (I own it and love it)!

Weelicous: How can I not list this website? From cottage cheese pancakes to pictures of what she packs for lunch each day for the kiddos – she’s got it going on! I promise you’ll be inspired!

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