white chicken chili with salsa

Easy. Quick. Cheap. Filling. I love soup but I love, love white chili! It’s one of those hearty soups that I crave year around but when the snow falls; it’s something I want to eat a few times a week! I’ve created my own simple recipe that makes a small pan and lasts me most of the week for lunch, dinners or even a snack (I know I’m weird).

-1 large jar of Randall Great Northern Beans. Did you know that navy beans are virtually fat free, high in fiber as well as high in protein. I like Randall beans because they are gluten-free, MSG free, no artificial ingredients or preservatives and they have a long shelf life so I can stock up! Learn more about them over here at Mitten Moms.

-2 cups of homemade salsa or on 16 oz jar of organic thick, chunky and spicy salsa (I like the Paul Newman brand). If you make your own salsa the cost of the meal decreases and the taste is even more scrumptious! For some great recipes visit The Pioneer Woman, Cooks.com, The Food Network or the Reluctant Gourmet.

-2 cups of shredded or cubed organic chicken. I like to bake 2 chicken breasts with olive oil, salt and pepper and then after it has cooled shred or cube enough to freeze for the next chicken meal. Find out from Local Harvest where to get local organic chicken and help local farmers and not have to pay expensive shipping charges.

-Spices. I like to use some onion powder, salt, pepper, and a pinch of cumin.

I let the chili simmer on medium low for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday and the entire kitchen smells amazing. I like to serve the white chili with Monterey jack cheese, tortilla chips or homemade bread.

Do you have a white chili recipes to share?

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