Update: After tweeting this and having my @thesmartmama, Jennifer Taggart on my team and investigating the product it has come to my attention that this product is made of PVC and contains harmful toxic phthalates that are released while we are washing our clothing. The manufacture confirmed to Jennifer that DINP (a phthalate) is released. Another example of a mom trying to do good by the environment, save money and still there are issues. Saddness! This company is Green Washing by saying they are chemical free and eco-friendly – a hoax if I ever saw one. Learn from my lesson and save your $40.00!

wonder ballHave you ever heard of the Wonder Ball? This magic little ball that use use to clean your laundry with – to either replace detergent or reduce the use of the detergent. It’s odd because the box doesn’t give you too much to go on other than it uses physics, it is chemical free and you put it into any washer with less detergent or instead of detergent and you’ll have clean clothing. Are you raising your eyebrow and feeling very skeptical? Yes, so was I and that’s why I HAD to give it a try and not just once but for the last two weeks. I’ve tried this magical “wonder ball” in my washer using no detergent and with a half capful of  my ecostore USA detergent and either way it seems to work just as well. My clothes look clean, smell clean and feel clean and I am here to tell you I have no explanation for it. The website claims that this Wonder Ball will last 3  years or 2000 washes which means that for only two cents a load you can have clean laundry without chemicals because this small little mystery only cost $39.95 – a huge saving.

After reading the free downloadable PDF report from the website I found all sorts of new ways to use this WonderDryerBalls Laundry Ball from cleaning jewelry, washing the car, diapers and one person even found it breaks down gasoline to to its finest for a car to run longer on! Wow – maybe the Wonder Ball is the answer to our high gas prices???  From all the reading I have done, my personal experience with the Wonder Ball thus far I am even buying the Wonder Dryer Ball to try for less static cling with the dry winter months on the horizon. According to the manufacture the Wonder Laundry Ball has been lab tested to prove that your clothes are actually clean. Probably because we’re so used to using soap that we believe we need it but with the Wonder Laundry Ball you don’t have to use detergent to get your clothing clean.

It sounds odd, I know but this Green and Clean Mom can tell you it seems to be working but I have no good reason for why or how so please feel free let me know your thoughts and experiences with the Wonder Laundry or Dryer balls.

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